September 3, 2008

BakBone Profiled in New Analyst Report About Real-Time Data Protection for Business-Critical Applications

BakBone Software(R) (Pink Sheets: BKBO), the leading provider of heterogeneous integrated data protection solutions, recently introduced and is now shipping NetVault(R): Real-Time Data Protector(TM),the newest addition to BakBone's product portfolio. BakBone's real-time data protection solution enables users to recover Exchange, SQL Server and Windows file systems in as fast as 30 seconds with near-zero data loss. IDC examined the important role of this technology in the enterprise in its recently published analyst report, "Real-Time Data Protection: Enabling Non-Stop Data Application Recovery for Business Continuity." The paper focuses on the continuing growth of information in IT departments and the need to manage large amounts of digital information.

"For businesses, downtime and data loss are obstacles that can cause major distractions in the work place. Without the right data protection tools, it can take hours or even days to recover from data loss and it can have a deep financial impact," said Jeff Drescher, vice president of Marketing, BakBone. "BakBone is committed to giving users the data protection solutions they need to run an efficient business. We understand that reducing recovery time and protecting large amounts of data is a top priority."

BakBone's recently introduced NetVault: Real-Time Data Protector provides granular recovery of individual mailboxes or mailbox items without having to perform time-consuming brick-level backups, which reduces storage costs, eliminates backup windows and vastly minimizes the loss of business-critical application data. The solution simplifies the recovery of Exchange, SQL Server and Windows file system data, enabling users to meet very aggressive recovery time and recovery point objectives (RTOs and RPOs). IDC's research shows that enterprises are looking for solutions that will protect critical data from the second it is entered into the enterprise in order to prevent it from being lost prior to the next backup or data snapshot.

"Loss of data or even loss of access to data puts many enterprises at risk. We are seeing a growth in opportunities for solution providers to offer real-time data protection and business continuance for large and midsize enterprises," said Laura DeBois, IDC research analyst.

Real-Time data protection supplements traditional scheduled backup by continuously capturing updates to data in real time or near-real time and providing data recovery in a matter of seconds. This method of data protection can help organizations by significantly reducing the amount of time IT departments spend on recovery efforts. In addition, when e-mails, calendars, or files are deleted or corrupted, real-time data protection can provide additional protection by recovering these programs to any of the previous versions or points in time.

According to IDC's paper, there are two important benefits of real-time data protection: reducing recovery point objectives by capturing changes in data in real or near-real time and reducing recovery time objectives through instantaneous recovery of data stored on a disk storage system using efficient data recovery algorithms. For IT managers, these are major benefits that enable them to retrieve their data and services quickly. These capabilities help IT managers retrieve data and services quickly and easily.

Click here to read the IDC paper "Real-Time Data Protection: Enabling Non-Stop Data Application Recovery for Business Continuity."

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