September 3, 2008

How to Clean a Computer


Question: I need help removing porn from my computer. It was recently stolen and recovered, but came back with links to porn. What do I need to do?

Answer: Porn can be difficult to clean up. Start with the security basics. Run anti-spyware programs. You'll also want to run your antivirus software. Viruses and spyware could cause the smut to come back. Next, try the free CCleaner. Find the download link at . CCleaner will help you get rid of unwanted things from your computer. It should help you take care of most of the problems. Be sure to clear your browser's cookies and history. And check your bookmarks for porn sites.

Q: When I use my pool, I often take my iPod along. I have a speaker dock that lets me play it outside. I'm looking for a better way. I'd like to have wireless speakers that connect to my iMac. Then I could play music directly from iTunes. Any suggestions?

A: You could stream music over your Wi-Fi connection. It's easy, particularly if your network is the 802.11n variety. The range of 802.11n is about double the range of other Wi-Fi standards. Look into an AirPort Express Base Station ($99). It has a jack that connects to a stereo or powered speakers. Powered outdoor speakers are pretty easy to find. The AirPort Express Base Station acts as a media extender. Your iMac can connect to it wirelessly. It's one of the only media extenders that works with iTunes.

Q: I'm a frequent traveler. I've seen other travelers watching movies on portable devices. I'd like to do the same. Can you give me any recommendations?

A: You can watch movies on several types of gadgets. There are laptops, portable DVD players and portable media players. A laptop is versatile and has a big screen, but watch out for battery life. Laptops can be power-hungry. Portable DVD players also have decent- size screens. But compare models to see which has the best picture. You'll have several choices for portable media players. iPods and Zunes are two popular ones. You can download movies or TV shows from iTunes or Zune Marketplace.

Q: I will be going on an African safari next month. I'll be taking lots of pictures. I'd like to upload the photos to my 160- gigabyte iPod classic. I have a Canon PowerShot S5. How do I set this up?

A: Apple makes the iPod Camera Connector, but it supports only certain transfer protocols, cameras and iPod models. It is compatible with your Canon PowerShot S5 but not with your iPod classic. So, you're out of luck. If you're willing to fork out the money, buy a photo-storage gadget. These are about the same size as an iPod. You just stick your memory card in to transfer photos. You can find photo-storage gadgets online starting around $100.

Q: I do a lot of shopping online. And I like to keep receipts for my transactions. But I don't like printing them out. It wastes too much ink and paper. Is there a better way?

A: Printers are not the most environmentally friendly gadgets. Frivolous printing can waste ink and paper. But when you shop online, certain things must be printed, right? Think again. You don't need to print receipts or confirmation messages. Instead of printing out these items, create a digital copy. I recommend using a free PDF creator. Try PDFCreator or PrimoPDF. See komandonews for links. When you want to save something, select the PDF creator. You won't use any ink or paper.

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Originally published by KIM KOMANDO Gannett News Service.

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