September 4, 2008

Dancom Unveils Tetraflex

DANCOM Telecommunications (M) Sdn Bhd has launched a communication system for hazardous industries, a new product that is much smaller than in the competition.

Currently, such systems, which provide a safe and secure line of communication, would weigh around 500kg.

"Ours is small enough to fit in a Kancil (car)," said Mustafa Abdul Hamid, a division head at Dancom.

Size matters for such systems because it is used by the military, police, and in search and rescue operations, among others.

However, it is also suitable for oil rigs, hotels and even in casinos.

Dancom's product, dubbed the Dancall Tetraflex, is an Internet- based radio base station. It comes in a complete set with handsets and a coverage enhancement system. One device could handle up to 300 people, Mustafa said.

Dancom held a demonstration for potential clients in Kuala Lumpur recently, which was well-attended with more than 100 participants.

Its product could also ride on other Internet-based networks like WiFi and the new 3.5 generation mobile technology.

The radio base station is designed and manufactured by Damm Cellular of Denmark, while the handsets are from Britain's SRT PMR. Its mobile data terminal is by UK's Microbus, and AXELL supplies its RF/Optical Repeaters.

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