September 4, 2008

EXFO Enhances Transport Blazer and Power Blazer Product Lines

EXFO Electro-Optical Engineering has announced the release of new software features for its Transport Blazer and Power Blazer product lines.

According to the company, this set of advanced features, contained within its IQS modules for R&D and software verification groups and FTB modules for network operators, provides the versatility, flexibility and affordability required to validate network restoration times and overall network resilience at rates up to 40Gbit/s to 43Gbit/s.

With this new software release, the IQS-8140 or FTB-8140 40G/43G analyzers can perform a host of new tests, including automatic protection switching and service disruption time testing to ensure compliance with Telcordia GR-253 and ITU-T G.841 specifications. This release also provides 40G round-trip delay (RTD) analysis to measure network latency.

This release also offers advanced error-alarm injection to evaluate the behavior of 40G network equipment and carrier network management software (NMS) configurations. This feature sends periodic bursts of errors and alarms to validate that 40G network equipment properly reports recurring network issues and that the NMS is configured to handle these issues.

Etienne Gagnon, vice-president of product management and marketing at EXFO, said: "With these additional features, EXFO is once again providing equipment vendors and network operators with the testing capabilities demanded by today's ultra high-speed, delay-sensitive network infrastructures."