September 4, 2008

Fifty-Nine Technology Tips for the Administrative Professional Revealed

Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of the "Fifty-Nine Technology Tips for the Administrative Professional" report to their offering.

As an administrative professional, you're constantly pressed for time. And while you can't add more hours to the day, there is a simple way to better manage your time: by advancing your skills on the programs you already use every day.

Learning new software programs takes countless hours. But using a few insider's "tricks of the trade" on Word, Excel, PowerPoint and a few Web-based applications can SAVE you hours every week. And you can pick them up not in hours, but minutes... by reading 59 Technology Tips for the Administrative Professional.

This insightful Special Report is written specifically for YOU - the busy professional who doesn't have all day to attend a seminar or read a confusing manual. Our plain-English tips will give you the timesaving advice you need, including:

-- 9 amazing double-click tricks

-- Squeezing maximum value from Outlook's Calendar feature

-- Keeping network-clogging spyware off your computer

-- Useful tips for taming the e-mail inbox monster

-- 4 Word techniques that will have you designing like an artist

-- 16 online tools (many of them FREE) to send your productivity skyrocketing

-- Tips for faster, more precise Google searches

-- 4 things you never DREAMED that Excel could do - but it can!

-- Cell-phone services that are fancy, fun and FREE

-- And much, much more!

59 Technology Tips for the Administrative Professional also provides a series of handy forms and templates you can use for everything from streamlining meetings to planning travel and more. Incredibly useful--and, incredibly, included at NO EXTRA CHARGE.

Armed with 59 Technology Tips for the Administrative Professional, you'll do more than harness the latest office technology to your advantage. You'll enhance your value to the organization - and dramatically increase your marketability!

Any ONE of the tips in 59 Technology Tips for the Administrative Professional can propel your efficiency, productivity and value through the roof - yet you get them ALL in this one convenient source. This Special Report is available EXCLUSIVELY to Personal Report readers at this Special Introductory Price. Get yours today!

 Key Topics Covered:  Supercharge Your Computer: Tips & Tools 1. Try keyboard shortcuts for Windows tasks 2. Keep spyware at bay 3. Click, drag & scroll with more precision 4. Save time on your PC using these 4 tricks 5. Give your fingers a lift with a keyboard upgrade  Speed Tasks in Microsoft Word 6. Take Word 2007 for a test drive 7. Perform 9 double-click tricks in Word 8. Customize your Word view to the task 9. Streamline your back & forth editing 10. Design away, with these 4 Word tricks  Boost E-Mail/Outlook Efficiency 11. Tame the wild, woolly e-mail inbox 12. Use Outlook as your meeting manager 13. Oops! Didn't mean to send that message 14. Do quick poll-taking with Outlook 15. Crack down on spam 16. Schedule a meeting for 20 with a click 17. Squeeze even more from Outlook's Calendar 18. Zip through e-mail clutter: 5 ways 19. Organize your e-mail with colors  Log on to Online Tools & Useful Sites 20. Simplify to-do lists: virtual task masters 21. Use free tool to make collaboration a breeze 22. Passwords, please 23. Track already-visited web sites 24. Save whiteboard genius before it's gone 25. Explore working with wild, wonderful wikis 26. Use Google notebooks, spreadsheets 27. Brush away photo red-eye & blemishes 28. So simple a SurveyMonkey can do it 29. Google with precision 30. Employ tech tools to plan the main event 31. Scan documents with style & ease 32. Click here for smart online tools 33. 'Supe up' your surfing with Explorer 34. Digitize those typewritten forms 35. Send paperless faxes  Excel in Using Excel 24 36. Working the numbers: Excel dates & times 37. Excel 2007 users: Make your data visible 38. Use the power of logic in spreadsheets 39. I didn't know Excel could do that!  Optimize PowerPoint Presentations 40. Simplify PowerPoint visuals: 7 rules 41. Rev up slides with PowerPoint's latest 42. Go beyond bullet points with PowerPoint 43. Jazz up PowerPoint with these 3 tools 44. Save time & effort: PowerPoint pointers  Save Time With Conferencing & Podcasts 45. Try these useful tools for conferencing 46. Can't make it to a meeting? Try podcasts 47. Cut travel costs with conference calls 48. Explore podcasts by category  Tap Into Cell Phone Services 49. Jazz up cell phones with fancy services 50. Turn your cell phone into a BlackBerry 51. 2 problem-solving tips  Download Templates or Create Your Own 52. Create an agenda-building 'cheat sheet' 53. Turn those 'meetings' into 'doings' 54. Make those invitations pop 55. Travel Arrangements Form 56. Task Request Form 57. Travel Profile Form 58. Event Planning Form 59. Weekly Report Form 

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