September 4, 2008

Crosscheck Networks Sets the Industry Standard for SOA Testing With Introduction of SOAPSonar(TM) V4.0

BOSTON, Sept. 4th /PRNewswire/ -- Crosscheck Networks, Inc., the market-leading provider of SOA Testing Tools, today announced immediate availability of SOAPSonar(TM) v.4.0. This release incorporates modules that enable QA and Development teams to quickly test the quality of their enterprise WSDLs based on an easy to understand scoring system. The scoring system provides the teams a valuable feedback loop to improve the quality of their WSDLs thus increasing interoperability, security and integrity of services.

"This release addresses one of the major pain points that SOA users face that is how to test for quality of WSDLs," said Mamoon Yunus, Chief Technology Officer at Forum Systems and advisor to Crosscheck Networks. "The latest SOAPSonar release offers unique capabilities that provide strong validation features that helps strengthen the quality of enterprise services."

The following features in SOAPSonar v4.0 enable testers to easily validate ever increasing sophisticated SOA web services deployments:

   -- WS-Policy Consumption and Policy Generation   -- WSDL Scoring   -- Custom XSD Schema Support   -- Schematron Validation   -- SmartCard Certificates   -- Asynchronous Performance Testing  

-- Performance Testing Error Rates Statistics Optimization techniques to parse jumbo WSDLs and Schemas

Based on patent-pending XSD-mutation technology, SOAPSonar (TM) delivers on the four pillars of SOA Web services testing: functional regression, performance testing, security assessment and compliance validation. These four pillars ensure robust, scalable reliable and secure web services are deployed within an enterprise.

Pricing and Availability

SOAPSonar v4.0 is immediately available to all Crosscheck Networks customers running version 3.5 or later. For new customers, SOAPSonar pricing varies by model and starts at $799 annual subscription per instance.

About Crosscheck Networks

Crosscheck Network's mission is to provide products for testing, diagnosing and controlling enterprise Web Services. Crosscheck Networks' products provide QA professionals, security personnel, and compliance officers with necessary information about the functional completeness, scalability, security and interoperability compliance of their Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). Through SOAPSonar(TM) -- industry leading comprehensive SOA testing product -- IT professionals make more informed decisions that enable their companies to stay within corporate quality and regulatory boundaries. The SOA diagnostics architecture is the first in the industry to encompass security, compliance, performance and functional regression under a unified architectural framework. The architecture enables the product to be deployed from the core to the perimeter of an enterprise. Visit Crosscheck Networks at

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