September 4, 2008

Zeolyst International Announces Completion of New Plant Expansions in the US and the Netherlands

Zeolyst International announced today that it has completed the addition of new manufacturing capacity to its two manufacturing sites in Kansas City, KS, USA, and in Delfzijl, The Netherlands.

The new capacity addition to Kansas City is focused on pressure synthesized zeolites and increases the overall plant capacity by about 40%. The new capacity addition to Delfzijl is directed at producing Ultra-Stable Y-Zeolite and increases the overall plant capacity by about 50%.

This new capacity in both sites will support the overall growth of Zeolyst International's markets in petrochemical and chemical syntheses, and addresses emerging demands in emission control for heavy duty diesel vehicles and in hydrocracking for low-sulfur fuels.

According to John Lau, General Manager, "We are extremely pleased that these capital projects were completed on time, insuring that we are able to meet the business demands of our customers in this dynamic market. This new capacity is the first phase of a number of additional expansions being planned from now to 2011."

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About Zeolyst International

Zeolyst International ( is a leading supplier of specialty zeolite powders, catalysts, and adsorbents for the petroleum, petrochemicals, chemicals, and emission control markets. Zeolyst International is a Kansas general partnership that is owned 50/50 by PQ Corporation and CRI Zeolytes Inc., a CRI/Criterion subsidiary and member of the Royal Dutch Shell Group of companies.

About PQ Corporation

PQ Corporation ( is a leading producer of inorganic specialty chemicals and engineered glass materials. The Company conducts operations through three principal businesses: the Performance Chemicals division, which develops, manufactures and sells high performance silicate-based specialty chemicals, the Catalyst division, a leading producer of high performance catalytic Zeolites and Zeolite-based catalysts and polyolefin catalysts, and the Potters division, which manufactures and sells highly engineered solid and hollow glass spheres. The Company's products are used in variety of applications in a diverse range of industrial, consumer and governmental end-markets. The Company employs 1,900 people across 60 manufacturing sites in 19 countries on five continents and has one of the most comprehensive global manufacturing and distribution networks serving customers in the Company's end-markets.

About CRI/Criterion

CRI/Criterion Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary within the Royal Dutch/Shell Group of Companies, supplies total packages of catalysts, services and solutions for refinery and petrochemical plants. Criterion Catalysts & Technologies and CRI Catalyst Company, are subsidiaries of CRI/Criterion Inc. Criterion Catalysts & Technologies provides hydroprocessing, reforming and specialty catalysts to the refining industry and CRI Catalyst Company provides EO, VAM, styrene, hydrogenation, specialty and environmental catalysts to the petrochemical industry.