September 4, 2008

My1voice Introduces Enhancements To Its Virtual PBX Service

Protus, provider of software-as-a-service business communications solutions, today announced several enhancements to its my1voice virtual PBX phone service. Based on customer feedback, my1voice now includes the ability to place calls via the Web, Internet fax reception and multiple phone number support.

The new features are automatically integrated into all new and existing my1voice subscriptions and include:

Web Calls

The new Web call feature provides a "Call Me" icon that can be placed on a user's website or in an email signature. If a Web visitor wants to ask a question or place an order, clicking on the "Call Me" icon immediately connects him/her through my1voice rather than having to search for a phone number and place a separate call. It adds a level of convenience and instant gratification to Web interactions that helps move interested parties to the next step.

Internet Fax Reception

my1voice's new Internet fax recognition feature distinguishes an incoming call from a fax. Faxes are converted to a digital image that can be accessed online at my1voiceCentral. From there, users can read, forward and save the document.

Multiple Phone Number Support

Customers have the opportunity to add multiple phone numbers to their my1voice service. This feature can be used in a number of ways including tracking campaign response rates by assigning different phone numbers to each promotion; setting up unique greetings and call routings by business department (sales customer support, accounting, etc.) and providing local phone numbers for branch offices.

my1voice uses existing telephone equipment to provide communications features such as auto-attendant, multiple extensions and voicemail services that give a professional face to callers while also allowing employees to stay in touch with the office via phone, e-mail or the web.

"The newest my1voice features take the user experience to a new level," said Joseph Nour, CEO of Protus. "Our customers are the ones who use this service day in and day out, so their input is crucial to the continuing evolution of my1voice. We look forward to working together as small businesses continue to embrace unified communications along with the largest enterprises."

Since there is no additional hardware or software to install or maintain, my1voice is a fraction of the cost compared to a traditional PBX system. Features include the ability to customize a recorded greeting, automate call routing, set individual voicemail boxes for each employee, and receive automatic voicemail notifications.

The "Find Me / Follow me" feature connects incoming calls to designated employees regardless of location and phone type. The call forward feature works simultaneously with a mobile, home or office phone - or to all in a sequential order - assuring that callers never experience a busy signal or a dropped call. Voicemail may be checked over the phone, read as e-mail, or viewed over a secure Web server, making it even easier for mobile personnel to stay in touch while out of the office.

About my1voice

my1voice is a cost-effective, feature-rich virtual PBX phone system designed specifically for organizations with one to 25 employees that want professional-quality business telephone services without the overhead of installing and maintaining special phone equipment. Unlike standard, equipment-based PBX systems, my1voice allows businesses to obtain benefits such as auto attendant, multiple extensions, voice mail and more whether employees are inside or outside the company walls. It is part of a total Software as a Service (SaaS) business communications offered by Protus that also includes MyFax, the fastest-growing Internet fax service used by individuals, small, medium and large business, and Campaigner, an e-mail marketing solution with advanced automation features. Additional information is available at