September 4, 2008

Corporate-Free US


British comedian Dave Gorman has become famous for his quirky adventures. In the hilarious Are You Dave Gorman, he travelled the world looking for others who shared his name. In Dave Gorman's Googlewhack Adventure he has fun with the Google search engine. In America Unchained (RandomHouse, 378 pages, $34.99), he drives coast to coast in the US in search of Independent America, the America that exists beyond faceless chain- stores. He steadfastly avoids corporates and searches for the "Mom and Pop" world that lies off the beaten track.

This travelogue is hugely entertaining and Gorman's enthusiasm for the trip shines through on every page. His efforts, extreme at times, to avoid using big-name petrol stations and accommodation lead to some very funny and chaotic scenes, especially for the vast amount of time that he is on the verge of running out of fuel.

This is one man's battle to outwit The Man. - Nich Campbell

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