September 5, 2008

Adgetix Launches Next Generation of Web Classifieds With PennySaverUSA.Com

SEATTLE, Sept. 5 /PRNewswire/ -- Adgetix, a division of Qponix, announced the debut of a new classified advertising widget for online classified provider The Auto Widget, available at and , is a compact Web application that allows consumers to browse thousands of automotive classified listings, organize favorites and submit their own ads -- all within the size of a standard ad unit that can be placed on external Web sites.

The Auto Widget from Adgetix features automotive classifieds and can be searched by make, model, year, price and state. Automotive is the first in series of widgets from Adgetix aimed at specific vertical markets, including pets, jobs and real estate.

"Widgets are a powerful platform to enhance classified listings because they are portable and viral," said Corbin de Rubertis, president of Qponix. "Widgets permit publishers to drive traffic to their site and also drive their content to where the traffic is because widgets can be placed anywhere: destination sites, personal portals such as iGoogle, social network sites like Facebook and Ning, news sites and more."

Adgetix provides benefits to several audiences including niche Web site managers, advertisers and publishers:

-- Niche Web site managers -- for example, those operating hybrid car enthusiast or Mustang collector sites -- can place the Auto Widget on their sites in a matter of minutes, making thousands of car listings available to their readers. Adgetix is developing an affiliate program that will be in place by the end of 2008.

-- Advertisers have the opportunity through Adgetix to precisely target paid ads within the widget. An automotive parts Web site with stock for certain vehicles could target ads to consumers searching those specific vehicle models in the Auto Widget.

-- Publishers using Adgetix widgets can expand and extend their online reach for distributing and collecting new classified listings. The Auto Widget appears on the site but it can be virally circulated well beyond the confines of the company's destination site. It will then become a distributed network for publishing ads and for collecting them, as a consumer can submit a classified listing directly through the widget placed on an external site.

"This Adgetix widget, which does so much in such a small space, moves us beyond simply driving traffic to," said Loren Dalton, President of "It has the potential to get us into more specialized online spaces, which is very important to us because it means we can provide our advertisers new ways to target their ads at specific communities of consumers."

About Adgetix

Adgetix ( is a division of Qponix, a widget-based advertising network that put brands, promotions and coupons in context with useful tools for consumers. Adgetix seamlessly integrates classified advertising content into a portable widget that can be easily placed on external sites across the Web.


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