September 5, 2008

ACI Releases New Version of Fraud Detection Solution

ACI Worldwide, a provider of software for electronic payment systems, has released a new version of its Proactive Risk Manager, a fraud monitoring and detection solution.

According to the company, the Proactive Risk Manager Release 7.1 version 08.2 maximizes the performance of the solution on IBM's System z hardware platform and includes expanded support for IBM's DB2 database platform and their enterprise-wide Tivoli monitoring tool. The new version also offers enhanced security, additional PCI functionality and a new interface to send real-time account status updates.

The company claims that the clients using the latest version of Proactive Risk Manager on IBM's blue stack database, middleware and security platform will benefit from fraud detection features as well as the high reliability, availability and serviceability of IBM's z/OS operating system and the underlying performance and security of the System z hardware platform. Customers can use the solution to lower transaction costs, improve margins and enhance their competitive positioning by optimizing their financial, technological and human resources.

The company has said that the version 08.2 offers support for IBM's enterprise-wide monitoring tool, the Tivoli Enterprise Console, by enabling logging of events from the analysis and review system and the file update interface. The software also supports access to administrative and user accounts and screens with Tivoli Access Manager 6.0, strengthening user identification and password encryption and simplifying the user account management process.

Ron Totaro, senior vice president of ACI, said: "ACI clients have typically run their scoring engine on IBM System z while the other components of the software (rules and analysis and review) ran on other platforms. Now clients can run their entire transaction base from multiple channels on Proactive Risk Manager and IBM System z, benefiting from the superior reliability, availability, serviceability and security of IBM's platform. This provides users with an enhanced capability to respond to fraud in real time."