September 8, 2008

Microsoft Releases Windows Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2

Microsoft Releases Windows Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2

The new version of the world's most popular free Web browser introduces a host of new innovative features

Microsoft has announced the release of Windows Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2, the latest version of the world's most popular Web browser, enabling developers, Web designers and internet users to try out the new features and innovations and prepare their sites for the official launch of Internet Explorer 8.

Microsoft's latest version of its free Web browser, used by approximately 80% of the market, introduces a range of new features and functionality that enable customers to reach "beyond the page" in more secure, easier and faster ways than ever before, optimizing developer and end-user experiences to provide a window to the ever growing number of online services.

Ihsan Anabtawi, Marketing Manager of Microsoft Jordan stated "Internet Explorer 7 was the first major update to the browser in over 5 years but now, with the launch of Internet Explorer 8, Microsoft is planning to make great strides in browser innovation based on the way people use the Web today. It puts the user in control and delivers a more dependable Internet Explorer."

He added, "Our partners are a key ingredient in the success of Internet Explorer 8 and we are excited about the partner opportunity it presents and the opportunity we have to help improve the Web by making it easier for professionals to create, build on and deploy using Internet Explorer 8."

Internet Explorer 8 represents major leaps forward in both features and performance improvements that provide faster day-to- day browsing. With Accelerators, users have quick access to the online services they use everyday like search, mapping, word definitions, translation, blogging or email. InPrivate Browsing allows users to browse the Web without having to save the history, while with Web Slices users can keep up with changes to the sites they care about the most.

Internet Explorer 8 allows users to search for smarter and more detailed suggestions using the Search suggestions feature, and the SmartScreen Filter offers security features that help protect against deceptive and malicious websites that can compromise data, privacy and identity.

For IT professionals, Internet Explorer 8 provides features that improve IT network management and deployment, and contain platform investments that improve performance in many Internet Explorer subsystems to help Web developers build compelling sites more easily.

The beta version of Internet Explorer 8 is an opportunity for partners, users and customers to test out the product and provide feedback and suggestions on any problems or bugs they may encounter, thereby helping developers and Web designers prepare their Websites for Internet Explorer 8. 2008 Al Bawaba (

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