September 8, 2008

Toolgether Unveils Its Web Applications and Widgets Platform and Marketplace at DEMOfall 2008

SAN DIEGO, Sept. 8 /PRNewswire/ -- Aiming to bring the software-as-a-service (SaaS) model to simple consumer-centric software applications, Toolgether today unveils its new online marketplace and platform that allows anyone to create, use, share, distribute, embed, and monetize Web apps and widgets, and "webify" simple offline applications in a matter of minutes. The service launches into private beta today and the first 500 to sign up here ( can gain access to the site to share their Web apps and webify their offline apps quickly and easily.

"As cloud computing adoption grows and more software applications move online, many companies and consumers will move away from traditional software and embrace the growing number of Web apps and online tools becoming available," said Chris Shipley, executive producer of DEMO Conferences. "Toolgether introduces a unique platform and marketplace to help IT professionals, developers and countless computer hobbyists turn their offline apps into Web apps for easy sharing, distributing, embedding and monetizing."

When the service goes into public beta in a few months, small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and publishers can utilize the Toolgether marketplace to search, discover and find helpful apps to embed in their Web sites and blogs in order to boost productivity and bring added value to their customers and visitors. In addition, consumers can visit Toolgether to find helpful tools in a variety of categories. For example, possible tools could include:

   -- Education: school tuition comparison; online test preparation tool   -- Health: BMI index; drug and symptom lookup   -- Legal: promissory note generator; provisional patent application      generator   -- Parenting: fertility calculator; college IRA planning   -- Personal Finance: mortgage calculator; investment portfolio analysis   -- Mobile: SMS message sending tool; location-based services tools   -- Travel: get real-time traffic info in an area; find hotel and      restaurant info in an area   -- Web: find Google page rank; SEO analysis of a Web page   -- Social Networking: find connections between your Twitter friends; find      out who among your Digg friends routinely Digg your submissions   -- Video/Photo: image resizing tool; Web video converter tool for easy      conversion of different video file formats to flash video (.flv files)    

For users who have created simple desktop apps and want to webify, share and monetize them, they simply use Toolgether's Web Application Interface Builder. In five simple steps, the user's app is ready for sharing with friends, family and others. And, Toolgether even gives these users a platform for monetizing their apps by sharing in revenue when others embed the apps on their sites and blogs. Initially, the Toolgether Web App Interface Builder works for Java-based apps, but will later support other programming languages.

Toolgether lowers the barrier to bringing simple command line applications online. With Toolgether, users don't have to find a domain name and hosting provider, create a Web site, or code in HTML. With Toolgether's unique platform, casual developers, IT professionals, computer hobbyists and others can effortlessly webify their existing Java-based applications in minutes to create useful online Web apps that can be easily shared, embedded, and monetized.

Toolgether is flexible with no vendor lock-in. Developers can host apps at Toolgether, or on their own servers, desktop, and notebook computers, or embed the apps on a site or blog hosted elsewhere.

Anyone can use the apps and tools on Toolgether's site for free -- or pay a small monthly subscription to embed the widgets on their own Web site, blog, or Intranet. For developers, the site offers a place to distribute their applications and an opportunity to generate revenue from those apps. To learn more or be invited to participate in the private beta visit

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About Toolgether

Headquartered in Sunnyvale, CA and founded in March 2008, Toolgether is an online marketplace and platform that allows anyone to create, use, share, distribute, embed, and monetize Web app widgets. Toolgether offers developers, IT professionals, and countless computer hobbyists an easy way to "webify" offline apps in a matter of minutes. For more information visit

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