September 8, 2008

You’Ve Urned It: Ashes Spread in All Places

As more people select cremation as an after-death option, what of the ashes?

Funeral directors say nothing surprises them anymore when it comes to where and how people (or their relatives) want the remains spread, scattered or deposited.

The family of one dedicated golfer spread some of his ashes in the sand trap that had been the bane of his golf game.

Ashes have been scattered at sea for millennia; now you can shoot them into space, too.

The Red Sox discourage it, but it has been known to happen: a fan walks to a grandstand railing, drops a handful of dust and dear-old dad gets his wish.

In 2002, 24 percent of deaths in Massachusetts were followed by cremations. By 2006, that number had reached 31 percent.

There is seemingly no end to the ways remains can be stored or scattered. Already, there are many, many ways to go.

Originally published by PATRIOT LEDGER STAFF.

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