September 8, 2008

ILS Technology Rolls Out Enhanced Version of secureWISE

ILS Technology LLC, an industry leader in enabling intelligence through connectivity, today announced the release of a new version of the company's secureWISE remote secure collaboration platform. The software update improves ease-of-use for the rapidly increasing number of OEM users, factory users and application providers by adding functionality to further improve manufacturing productivity.

"We're very pleased to make available an enhanced version of our secureWISE platform," said Bill Ramus, senior vice president of commercial management for ILS Technology. "This release incorporates several changes that our customers requested as well as many improvements that will increase manufacturing efficiency. These new features, combined with proven success of our secureWISE platform, give manufacturers an unparalleled set of tools to manage their production environment in the most productive manner possible."

Among the improvements:

-- A "team" function allowing the system administrator of the secureWISE platform to more easily enroll and manage individual users in pre-defined collaborative sessions based on their role or functional responsibility, while still adhering to fabrication facility security policies. The "team" designation replaces the "groups" label in the previous release and is now managed via the Administrative Client.

-- Addition of a fully functional Delegated Administration Session Management tool that allows system administrators to delegate the responsibility of session administration to fab section heads, tool managers or individual tool owners, each with their own level of system access privileges.

-- The "Activity Report" function available within the Administrative Client now supports the ability to query activity data (e.g., user names, dates and times of access, privilege used) for an individual tool.

-- Provides users with the capability to transfer files up to 2GB in size between server and client across an enhanced HTTPS-based file transport layer.

ILS Technology's secureWISE remote collaboration technology enables a secure method of passing critical productivity information between fabs, equipment suppliers, customers and supply-chain partners--without jeopardizing the integrity of the IP running on the processing equipment.

The secureWISE software-as-a-service model provides semiconductor manufacturers and equipment OEMS with secure networking, collaboration and remote control previously only available as a capital purchase. secureWISE combines the real-time, on-demand collaborative environment of ILS Technology's eCentre(R) software and its ServiceNET(TM) VPN architecture by leveraging hardware and software to provide an defense-in-depth security system that links development teams, fabs and supply chain partners worldwide.

The new version of secureWISE is backwards compatible with all previous versions of the Tool Console Server (TCS).

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