September 8, 2008

Tata Communications Launches Global CDN Service

Tata Communications has launched its global content delivery network service supported by BitGravity, a technology provider in the content delivery space.

Tata Communications offers its global content delivery network (CDN) service on a single ASN global IP network throughout Europe, Asia, North America and India.

Tata Communications, which announced a partnership with BitGravity in March, 2008, has also invested $11.5 million in convertible debt in BitGravity, validating the company's content delivery platform as a key benefit in Tata Communications's value-added services offering.

The company's CDN service, supported by BitGravity's technology, is claimed to deliver better performance and reliability while providing access to content, including HD video, without delay or jitter, and better levels of throughput for end users. Fast forwarding, cache clearing, resolution switching and rate throttling are just a few of the features that enable customers to build an engaging application into a Flash player.

Tata Communications will offer global delivery and support, which enables companies to outsource distribution of video, downloads, music, games and multimedia without degradation from Paris to Hong Kong, Bangalore and the Silicon Valley.

Genius Wong, senior vice president of global IP and VPN services at Tata Communications, said: "Two essential ingredients of a superior CDN service include a strong IP network providing higher performance, and an efficient, scalable file distribution technology. The design of Tata Communications's CDN service has taken into account these key factors to come up with the industry's highest performance and reliable IPv4 and IPv6 CDN service."

Perry Wu, CEO and co-founder of BitGravity, said: "Global reach will be table stakes for content delivery and we are excited to receive funding and support from a strong strategic investor like Tata Communications that will enable us to effectively integrate our CDN architecture with their worldwide backbone and provide an unmatched user experience. Tata Communications' extensive relationships within and outside of the communications industry will accelerate the deployment and penetration of our platform."