September 8, 2008

Optelecom-NKF Expands Siqura Product Line

Optelecom-NKF, a supplier of video surveillance solutions, has announced the addition of an open codec platform, Siqura C-50 E-MC video multi-codec, to its Siqura product line.

According to the company, the new Siqura C-50 E-MC video multi-codec, designed with open streaming architecture (OSA), offers standardized video streaming and full remote control through HTTP API, facilitating enhanced third-party integration.

Designed for applications in tough industrial environments, the Siqura C-50 is claimed to provide good video picture quality using MPEG-2, MPEG-4, and Motion JPEG in a temperature-hardened enclosure. Each video stream can be optimized for its specific application; customers can use MPEG-2 for live viewing, low-bandwidth MPEG-4 for storage, and low-resolution Motion JPEG for remote web applications.

Peter Konink, product line manager for Optelecom-NKF, said: "The C-50 has been eagerly awaited. Customers want solutions that let them seamlessly integrate offerings from third-party vendors, supporting a full range of applications, such as broadcast-quality video to a command center, remote monitoring over the internet, and access to video through wireless web-enabled PDAs."