September 8, 2008

CyberPatrol Offers “Go Back-to-School Safely” Tips and $10 Discount on Award-Winning CyberPatrol Parental Controls Software

As children return to school, their lives are more entwined than ever before with electronic devices and the Internet. They use them to learn, communicate and entertain. While these devices and web sites have opened new vistas of opportunity, they have also exposed children to new risks. Parents need to be more proactive than ever to ensure these risks do not turn into threats.

These "Go Back-to-School Safely" tips are offered by Linda Criddle, President of LookBothWays, a national online safety education group. LookBothWays has developed online safety curriculum for public schools, law enforcement agencies and private organizations.

1. Educate yourself. Set aside some time to become familiar with the devices your children use and the web sites they visit. Don't know what Facebook is? Visit the site. Learn what kind of information--some of it very personal--children and others post on it and similar sites. Not sure what "KOTL" or other instant messaging lingo means? Sites like can help.

2. Communicate with your family. Once you know the kind of things your children are seeing and saying online, have a discussion about what kind of images are appropriate to view and what information and images are appropriate to share, and with whom. Even in this interconnected world, privacy is still something to be taught and valued.

3. Install and update safety and security software. Once everyone is clear about online boundaries, easily available software can help maintain them. Anti-virus and anti-spyware software can prevent everyone in the family from downloading dangerous programs that can damage your computer or even allow criminals to steal your money and identity. Software like CyberPatrol Parental Controls automatically blocks access to objectionable sites, filters personal information in instant messages, and offers additional measures to protect privacy and security.

4. Encourage educators and policymakers to enforce online safety. Education, communication and technology can take a family a long way on the road to online safety. Schools and other public bodies have a role to play as well. If your school system doesn't have a mandatory online safety curriculum, encourage it to adopt one. Tell your state and federal representatives to pass strong cyberbullying laws. Everyone has a part to play in creating a safe and secure online environment.

To help families get the tools they need to ensure online safety, CyberPatrol is offering special "Go Back-to-School Safely" pricing on the award-winning CyberPatrol Parental Controls software. Now through September 30, 2008, parents and others will get $10 off CyberPatrol Parental Controls. Visit and look for the special Back-to-School offer on the home page.

For a more detailed checklist from international internet safety expert Linda Criddle on keeping children safe online, as well safety considerations when using laptops and cell phones, visit Linda Criddle's Back to School post on

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