September 8, 2008

The Echo Nest Launches Most Comprehensive Developer Web Site With More Than 30 APIs to Power the Future of Online Music

SAN DIEGO and SOMERVILLE, Mass., Sept. 8 /PRNewswire/ -- The Echo Nest, a music intelligence company providing enhanced music search, recommendation and interactivity technology, today, launched its developer Web site, at the DEMOfall 08 conference. This release provides the development community with the freedom to tap into The Echo Nest's Musical Brain by opening more than 30 developer tools for music Web sites.

Based on 12 years of research at MIT, Columbia and UC Berkeley, the Musical Brain is a fully-automated learning platform machine with an in-depth understanding of the cultural and acoustic factors that inform music preference. Current online music intelligence solutions offer only a portion of the tools necessary to fully understand music across the web, and the Musical Brain trumps them all with its ability to do the following:

-- Listen to music and understand every song in the same way a musician or artist would describe it

-- Read about music to understand what the entire world knows about every artist, album and song

-- Learn music trends to understand music behavior across the Web and predict new music trends

By opening access to the Musical Brain through, The Echo Nest is acting as the software equivalent of a hardware store for developers through an open API architecture. The Echo Nest's new developer community is a complete repository of easy-to-use tools that will fuel the creativity of anyone looking to create or enhance Web sites with musical content. These tools include in-depth artist information, music search, music recommendation, remix applications, mash-up and analytic tools. The new Echo Nest site empowers developers with myriad tools to innovate and change the way users discover and interact with music through their applications. At DEMOfall 08, The Echo Nest will demonstrate some of these groundbreaking applications. The applications include:

-- A personalized music search Web site, serving up the latest news, videos, reviews from the web -- all personalized to each user's unique taste. The application is powered by The Echo Nest's Web feeds and music recommendation APIs

-- A hilarious music mash-up site,, which automatically overdubs cowbell and Christopher Walken onto any song -- in perfect pitch and time. The site is powered by The Echo Nest's music analysis API

-- The imeem "Echo Chamber," a personalized radio player that automatically creates customized radio streams for any imeem user, using the Echo Nest's music recommendation API

-- A video/audio mash-up site applies the Echo Nest's Remix API to allow users to easily create video remixes of their favorite artists

The Echo Nest believes in empowering creative developers with great ideas, by giving them access to the most advanced music intelligence platform available anywhere. Providing developers with direct access to The Echo Nest's repository of easy-to-use tools will accelerate innovation and provide richer consumer experiences, helping music fans find the music they love and continue coming back for more.

"Because so much music content is available on so many sites, content today is becoming more of a commodity and what sets sites apart is the consumer experience" said Jim Lucchese, CEO of The Echo Nest. "The tools at offer any music site plug-and-play access to an incredible platform -- by opening access to our Musical Brain, we hope to advance innovation in online music, powering the next wave of cutting-edge music sites."

"The Echo Nest's Musical Brain is the engine driving the evolution of online music through an open, API-based strategy," said Chris Shipley, executive producer of the DEMOfall conference. "I'm excited to provide a forum for The Echo Nest and witness the next wave of consumer and music sites that will be easy to create through its platform."

About The Echo Nest

The Echo Nest helps online music companies make connections between people and their music more meaningful through its "Musical Brain," a large-scale machine learning platform that actually reads about music and listens to music everywhere on the web. The company is co-founded by two MIT Media Lab PhDs, Brian Whitman and Tristan Jehan. The Echo Nest's investors include a co-founder of the MIT Media Lab and a Boston-based private investment fund.

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