September 8, 2008

Over 30 Product and News Announcements to Be Made at Interop and Mobile Business Expo

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 8 /PRNewswire/ -- Interop New York and Mobile Business Expo, produced by TechWeb, today announced 39 announcements being made at the collocated events happening September 15-19 in New York at the Javits Convention Center. Interop and Mobile Business Expo are choice venues for leading IT vendors to introduce the latest technology innovations and news to the targeted audience of technology professional and buyers. For more information visit and

The list of 2008 Interop New York and Mobile Business Expo exhibitors making news announcements or showcasing products for the first time will continue to grow throughout the event, and currently includes the following:

   --  Aastra is pleased to introduce the definitive visual collaboration       system, ViPr, offering dramatic "virtual presence" and unparalleled       ease of use for the most natural conversations and the most productive       meetings. ViPr raises the bar for high-quality video conferencing       while maintaining full interoperability with standard telephone       systems and legacy video conferencing.   --  Affinion Security Center launches IdentitySecure, a combination of       powerful services designed to protect personal information and       financial data through monitoring of social security numbers and       public records, frequent data sweeps of the Internet for personal       information, credit monitoring and monitoring of underground chat       rooms that buy and sell personal information.   --  Agito Networks is unveiling the next release of the RoamAnywhere       Mobility Router, the most powerful enterprise FMC product increasing       enterprise mobile worker productivity while reducing cellular costs.       Industry firsts include Secure Remote Voice for secure VoWLAN, Dynamic       Least Cost Routing, and the broadest PBX and Symbian/Windows Mobile       handset support available.   --  Anue Systems will unveil the Anue 5200 Series Tool Aggregator -- a       network tool aggregator.  The 5200 Tool Aggregator helps companies       deploy multiple network tools by conveniently linking test and       monitoring tools to any traffic on the network, improving network       visibility and maximizing return on investment for monitoring tools.   --  AppRiver announces its unique partnership with Akamai, making AppRiver       the only Exchange Hosting provider to offer a truly optimized network.       AppRiver Hosted Exchange users receive quick and reliable access to       their e-mail via Outlook, Outlook Web and Mobile Device, regardless of       their location or what is happening on the Internet.   --  Astaro introduces the new Astaro Mail Gateway, a unified solution       designed to counter the myriad security risks of email communication.       The appliance combines high-capacity filtering with a patented       anti-spam engine and dual virus scanners, S/MIME and PGP encryption,       and message management into one powerful appliance. For more       information, visit   --  Autocipher will debut Autocipher 1.1, an agentless password management       solution for the Local Administrator UserID for computers in an       MS-Windows environment. Autocipher uses patent pending technology to       ensure the shared Local Administrator password on every machine in a       MS-Windows environment is secure, unique, compliant and available       on-demand.   --  AVTECH introduces Mini-UPS (MUPS), a unique sensor that detects loss       of main power while providing seamless battery backup power for up to       30 minutes or until main power is restored. It can provide battery       backup power for any 5V device at up to 1 Amp (5 Watts).   --  Barracuda Networks announces a new cost-effective appliance designed       to help organizations maximize the cost of Internet connections and       ensure reliable Internet access to and from the network.  Available in       three models, pricing for the new solution will start at $1,999 with       no per port or per server license fees.   --  Berkeley Varitronics Systems introduces their newest WLAN testing       tool, Yellowjacket-TABLET, an 802.11 WiFi analyzer that performs RF       spectrum analysis continually from 2.0-5.9 GHz and also demodulates       all 802.11b/a/n/g packets.  Another new item is BVS' Direction Finding       Antenna Array interface for the Yellowjacket-TABLET.   --  Cortado, a global mobile business software solutions company, will       unveil a new mobile enterprise application that compliments the       BlackBerry(R) Professional Software.  This solution allows small       business customers new levels of productivity through flexible       printing and faxing options, and secure access to the network drive.   --  Curtiss Wright introduces the industry's first Physical Layer 1 Switch       supporting 8.5 Gbps Fibre Channel.  Supporting INTEROP applications,       Test Labs, Financial San Storage, and Data Centers the RT8000 card       with 48 SFP+ ports provides increased network control, added security,       enables performance monitoring and fast reconfiguration of 8 Gbps FC       networks.   --  Cyberoam announces launch of SSL VPN appliances -- the 3rd-generation       VPNs offering functional benefits of conventional IPSec-VPNs along       with superb endpoint security and ease of use. Addressing performance,       scalability and application-access issues of earlier VPNs, they are       most suitable for mobile devices, wireless networks and enterprises       requiring IPSec-VPN replacements.   --  DisplayLink will showcase a Green IT demo and whitepaper demonstrating       the power and cost savings associated with using USB graphics       technology.  With the new range network display enabled adapters,       docks and monitors, multi-display productivity is easier and       environmentally-friendly than ever for IT managers to implement.   --  Eaton will debut its energy efficient 9130, 5130 and Pulsar M UPSs       that protect IT operations while saving energy. In addition to Eaton       sponsoring Interop and presenting, it will launch its worldwide "Power       Through" campaign, reintroducing its expanded capabilities to the IT       channel and end-user communities.   --  Foxit Software is pleased to announce its newest mobile PDF viewer:       Foxit Reader for Pocket PC Version 1.4. Foxit Reader has reflow       technology which makes reading on mobile devices much easier. Foxit       Reader also allows users to easily view a variety of PDF documents and       find text inside PDF documents.   --  General Electric Digital Energy(TM) announces new GT Series 6kVA and       10kVA UPS, which protects mission critical equipment from fluctuations       in the power source. The GT Series is a true VFI (Voltage & Frequency       Independent) on-line double conversion, transformerless, intelligent,       high performance UPS.   --  Gigamon, the leading provider of intelligent data access networking       products, will announce GigaVUE-2404 high density Data Access Switch       for 10G networks. Featuring the world's most advanced aggregation,       replication, mapping and packet filtering the GigaVUE-2404 is the       total solution for network monitoring.   --  HP ProCurve will be introducing its new senior vice president and       general manager, Marius Haas, at Interop New York.   --  ImageStream will show a pre-release of its Web management and package       management systems. The new Web management system provides a       user-friendly interface for configuring ImageStream routers. The new       package management system supports new software including Web caching,       Web filtering with Netsweeper, bandwidth manager, VoIP       gateway/SoftPBX, VoIP analysis, and intrusion detection.   --  Innovative Research, Inc. introduces TileFlow, a new software product       for simulating the cooling performance of data centers. TileFlow       reveals the hot and cold spots, eliminating the trial-and-error       process normally required to improve the cooling of data centers.       TileFlow enables you to advise the best cooling strategy for your data       center.   --  Intelligent Computer Solutions introduces Rapid Image, a Hard Drive       Duplicator designed to copy one "Master" drive to 19 "Target" drives       simultaneously at speeds exceeding 6GB/minute.  It can also be       configured to have up to four "Master" drives to store images and copy       up to 16 "Target" drives without speed degradation.   --  Ipanema Technologies introduces Intelligent Acceleration, which both       accelerates and guarantees the performance of WAN business       applications including data-transfer (FTP, CIFS...), interactive (SAP,       Citrix...) and real-time (Voice, Video...) applications. A combination       of acceleration mechanisms are dynamically applied under the control       of sophisticated global and dynamic optimization and classification       features.   --  iTrinegy proudly launches its new very high performance       (>10Gbps, >1.4Mpackets/second) cost-effective, next generation Network       Emulator to create high speed, high volume networks and enable large       scale testing (>30,000 automated simultaneous network conditions).       Offers enhanced usability via a new built-in drawing GUI and XML       network scenarios directly captured from live networks.   --  Logicube will launch its next-generation hard drive duplicator, the       SuperSonix(TM) at Interop. This single target solution includes       built-in support for SATA/IDE/USB and Firewire. The SuperSonix       features transfer speeds approaching 6GB/min., a color touch screen       interface and an intuitive Wizard feature that steps novice users       through key operations.   --  Modius introduces its Data Center infrastructure Manager (DCiM(TM)).       DCiM is the first data center infrastructure management solution that       combines data center IT, Site Infrastructure and Environmental Sensor       information in a single system.  DCiM improves data center energy       efficiency by benchmarking current performance and consolidating       disparate information into enterprise-wide infrastructure views.   --  Network Critical will unveil their newest product, the SmartNA 10G       Filtering TAP.  This innovative Access Technology Solution captures 10       gigabit network traffic and features deep packet filtering, allowing       companies to continue using their 1 gigabit data analysis tools while       monitoring their 10 gigabit data streams.   --  Network Instruments will introduce GigaStor SAS, the largest       retrospective network analysis appliance available, capturing and       storing up to 288 TB. Operating like a network DVR, GigaStor provides       massive data collection and unique time-based playback and analysis       that eliminates the need to recreate network problems-rapidly       decreasing resolution time.   --  Omnitron Systems will introduce new iConverter(R) CWDM Multiplexers       and Add/Drop Multiplexer (OADM) modules with expandable four-channel       and eight-channel configurations in a compact form factor enabling       most efficient use of rack space possible.  Features include a       tap/maintenance port for troubleshooting and monitoring. Modules can       be installed in passive or active chassis.   --  Open Knowledge Corp. will introduce its innovative application       software that visualizes large data sets from multiple viewpoints and       purposes. Users of this software can FEEL the essence of       texts/numerical/date data sets even before analyzing them perfectly.   --  Ortronics/Legrand will introduce Mighty Mo 10 advanced cable       management, specifically designed to maximize the airflow of network       equipment in data centers and storage area networks. The MM10's       honeycomb side rails and baffles work together to manage intake and       exhaust air, creating cold aisle/hot aisle air distribution from side       vented equipment.   --  Palamida is launching our next generation of Palamida Enterprise       Edition, providing unprecedented visibility into composition of       software and web applications. Industry firsts include online open       source version and vulnerability updates, third-party and open source       file tagging for perpetual analytics, and increase in detection to       over 1 million open source project releases.   --  PerfectDisk introduces the PerfectDisk 2008 disk defragmentation       family. PerfectDisk 2008 provides performance and storage management       for PCs, servers, Exchange, VMware and Hyper-V, with more automation       and flexibility than any other defragmenter. It includes single-pass,       patented optimization, and provides scheduled defrags or automatic       background processing, along with total free space consolidation.   --  Psion Teklogix introduces its newest mobile computer, the Ikon rugged       PDA. The Ikon packs incredible functionality with class-leading       ergonomics, aesthetics and sleek design into a user friendly system.       Its ability to fully integrate voice and data communication options       into a single package eliminates the need for multiple devices.   --  RightScale, the leading cloud computing management company, will have       strategic news that expands its business and underscores cloud       computing's disruptive force, which provides pay-as-you-go, virtually       infinite, on-demand compute and storage resources in what is quickly       becoming a "multi-cloud" world.   --  SalesNOW, a contact and deal management tool designed for the mobile       sales professional to use on their BlackBerry(R) Smartphones and the       Internet, is now launching full Outlook 2007 Integration -- Contacts,       Email & Calendar.   --  Stampede(R) Technologies, Inc. announces Stampede Remote Campus       Optimizer, designed to optimize efficiency for application traffic       flow between an application data center and remote locations. The RCO       puts an affordable Wan Optimization Solution on the market for small       and medium size businesses who previously could not afford Enterprise       level WOC products.   --  Varaha Systems is leading the convergence industry by introducing       uMobility V4.0 at Interop/Mobile Business Expo.  uMobility V4.0       enables employees to utilize their dual-mode Smartphones to seamlessly       transition between Wi-Fi and cellular networks. The solution operates       on any cellular network and supports many popular IP-PBX and Wi-Fi       solutions.   --  Xamance presents the Xambox, an innovative and intuitive paper       document management solution. It retrieves any paper without you       having to sort it in advance. Save time and money by accessing       documents from all your computers. Watch a video of the Xambox on    
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