September 8, 2008

How Startups Can Source Top Talent Online

CLEVELAND, Sept. 8 /PRNewswire/ -- Sourcing top talent is one of an entrepreneur's highest priorities and possibly the most important task he or she will undertake during the early stages of business development. Fortunately the task of sourcing talent is easier than ever, thanks to a plethora of thriving online social networking and business communities.

An entrepreneur's first impulse is often to hire trusted family and friends. But your college roommate or brother-in-law might not be the best for your business. Another entrepreneurial impulse to avoid is tangling with the large, well-branded career boards. The old hiring adage is true: The best employees are currently employed.

"At the end of the day, finding top-caliber talent is all about networking," said Tiffan Clark, Marketing Vice President of JumpStart Inc., the venture development organization behind IdeaCrossing (, a free online resource that connects entrepreneurs with investors. "Social networking sites and niche communities have streamlined business networking and smart entrepreneurs are leveraging these communities to their advantage."

Regardless of the business community or niche, chances are there is a thriving Internet community that's grown up around it. If you need a financial guru to bolster your management team building efforts, for example, seek out the places these people live online. Once you identify niche business communities, follow social media etiquette and engage these communities directly. Respectfully engage with online communities and add value where you can. When approaching an online social community, first watch and listen, then reach out and become active.

If you have the funds and are short on time, using recruiters can be an effective method for sourcing talent. Recruiters specialize by niche and typically know several candidates who may be interested in your positions. Recruiter services are not cheap, however, so be prepared to pay the typical fee of 20 percent of your hire's first year's salary.

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