September 9, 2008

Atmel Introduces a Graphical User Interface (GUI) for Its Advanced AVR-Based 125-kHz RFID Evaluation Kit

HEILBRONN, Germany, Sept. 9 /PRNewswire/ -- Atmel(R) announced today a significant enhancement to the ATA2270-EK1 125-kHz RFID demo kit. This kit, which enables the evaluation and prototyping of Atmel's wide portfolio of LF IDIC(R)s, has been upgraded to include a PC-based GUI application to be connected directly to the kit's hardware. This new user interface provides an optimized platform for the evaluation and customization of Atmel's RFID solutions used in access control, industrial automation, loyalty cards, anti-counterfeiting, and animal identification. Configuration of Atmel tags in all available modes and the selection of the most suitable RFID solution without advanced knowledge of RF engineering have been made even easier.

Atmel's ATA2270-EK1 kit contains everything needed to start using an RFID system including several read/write IDIC transponder samples such as the ATA5558, ATA5567 and ATA5577 ISO card devices for contactless identification. It also includes ATA5567 and ATA5577 coin tags, micromodules, and several other form-factors for evaluation. A reader unit using Atmel's U2270B read/write base station IC, in conjunction with Atmel's ATmega128 AVR(R) Flash microcontroller, an antenna, and a power supply with international adapters provide the means to access the tags. An on-board joystick, LCD, and control buttons allow stand-alone usage of the ATA2270-EK1.

The new PC-based GUI enables detailed evaluations by providing direct access to all the functions of each device. Configuration modes can be easily selected and programmed, and users are warned when modes configured in the transponder IDICs are not compatible with the ASK-based reader IC. Using the software the user can select Animal-ID functionality and the kit can be tuned to the 134.2 kHz required for animal tagging analysis. A special routine included in the AVR firmware enables data to be read and written to the IDICs in accordance with ISO standards 11784 and 11785. Unique format (used for access control), and waste management can also be configured from the GUI. A special "Bit String" form allows users to create and test commands by sending out a bit string to the IDIC. All of these incredibly powerful tools enable the user to control every aspect of the RFID system including the ability to render tags inoperable.

Thanks to the inclusion of royalty-free source code and Gerber schematics, the ATA2270-EK1 provides a unique prototyping environment for low-cost turnkey solutions, allowing users to develop, implement, and test system-level designs. The ATA2270-EK1 is supported by all the standard AVR development tools such as AVR Studio(R), STK(R)500, JTAGICE mkII, etc.

Availability and Pricing

The RF IDIC evaluation kit ATA2270-EK1 with the new PC-based GUI is available now. Pricing starts at US $399 per unit.

   Footnote   GUI = Graphical User Interface   ID = Identification   IDIC(R) = Identification IC (registered trademark of Atmel)   LCD = Liquid Crystal Display   LF = Low Frequency   PC = Personal Computer   RFID = Radio Frequency Identification     About Atmel  

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