September 9, 2008

Liberals Show ‘Another Side’ of Dion

Canada's Liberal Party unveiled a Web site Tuesday that portrays leader Stephane Dion as an outdoorsy, passionate, family man with rugged interests.

The This Is Dion campaign site, which shows the 52-year-old Quebecker skiing, fishing and playing ball hockey, seeks to counter Conservative efforts to depict Dion as less manly, less decisive and more aloof than Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, The Globe and Mail reported. shows "another side of the Liberal leader," Campaign Director Gordon Ashworth told the newspaper.

It "shows how inextricably linked (Dion's) policies are with his personal values of fairness, justice and love for Canada," he said.

Ashworth said the personal portrait will appear only on the campaign site, while TV and radio advertisements will focus exclusively on issues.