September 9, 2008

Cemaphore Systems’ MailShadow for Google Apps Completes Beta; Now Supports Vista

Cemaphore Systems announced today that MailShadow(R) for Google Apps(TM) (MailShadowG) has progressed from beta2 to Initial Release Candidate. The robust product, which provides real-time synchronization of e-mail between Microsoft Outlook and Google Apps, now supports Windows Vista.

MailShadowG is the first software-as-a-service (SaaS) e-mail continuity and disaster recovery solution to utilize the Google Apps infrastructure. The product bidirectionally synchronizes, migrates and protects e-mail, calendars and contacts between Outlook and Google's Gmail(TM) webmail service, contacts and Google Calendar(TM) calendaring service. Now with both Windows Vista and XP support, MailShadowG delivers affordable business-critical services to even more end users in the SMB and enterprise markets.

"Over 3,500 organizations are currently evaluating our beta version of MailShadow for Google Apps," said Tyrone Pike, Cemaphore President and CEO. "The favorable response from these beta participants makes us confident in our decision to produce MailShadowG. We are successfully providing individuals, SMBs and enterprises with a reliable cloud-based e-mail continuity solution. MailShadowG safeguards business-critical functions that depend on rich e-mail."

"People want to synchronize their Google contact lists with their Exchange or Outlook contacts," said beta participant Imran Mohamed, IT Manager at Alvarez & Marsal Business Consulting. "I've been searching for this functionality for more than a year. Before MailShadowG, I was synchronizing my contacts between Gmail and Exchange manually. I exported to a universal spreadsheet, removed duplicates, deleted the contact file from both systems and then re-uploaded to both Gmail and Exchange. I am very excited about the time I save and the productivity I gain with MailShadowG."

For businesses, MailShadow for Google Apps reduces the costly infrastructure, hardware, co-location facilities and management expertise required to preserve internal mail systems. MailShadowG gives individuals and SMBs access to the same powerful continuity, disaster recovery and support the largest enterprises depend upon.

While the first version of MailShadowG serves Gmail and Google Apps customers, Cemaphore is committed to provide incremental functions and to deliver SaaS-based MailShadow products for other key e-mail service providers.

At present, Cemaphore is continuing to offer MailShadow for Google Apps at the special introductory rate of $29.95 per user. Users can purchase or can download a free 15-day trial from

About Cemaphore Systems, Inc.

Cemaphore Systems delivers unprecedented e-mail continuity, disaster recovery and content management for businesses that demand greater uptime for their e-mail systems. Able to synchronize mail, calendars and contacts from disparate systems, Cemaphore's flagship product, MailShadow 2.3, ensures the availability, integrity and reliability of e-mail. A companion product, GeoShadow(TM), indexes and archives unstructured e-mail content, enabling instant retrieval of e-mail content and attachments from mobile devices. Cemaphore's new software as a service (SaaS) MailShadow offering lets end users and companies link Microsoft Outlook to external e-mail service providers like Google, eliminating the need for costly infrastructure. Individuals and global enterprises trust Cemaphore to keep business-critical e-mail content available.

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