September 9, 2008

Splunk Launches 2008 SysAdmin of the Year Awards

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 9 /PRNewswire/ -- Splunk, the IT Search company, today announced the opening of the 2008 SysAdmin of the Year (SAOTY) awards. SAOTY is back to shine the spotlight on the technical and unsung superheroes of an organization -- the men and women that work tirelessly behind the scenes to troubleshoot, resolve issues, fight fires, and keep the day-to-day businesses running smoothly. The third annual Splunk-created SAOTY contest provides business professionals with a way to recognize their company's network, system, database or application administrators. It's also a venue to toot one's own horn and show everyone how they saved the day.

   How to enter:    1.   Make a short 1-3 minute video about life as a SysAdmin and how you         or a co-worker saved the day, or a time you went above and beyond         the call of duty, for your organization or client.    2.   Post the video on YouTube and make sure it is tagged correctly         --   YouTube Videos Accepted from Sept. 9-Oct. 26, 2008         --   Tag: SysadminContest2008    3.   Send Splunk an email to: [email protected] with the subject line:         Splunk SysAdmin Content 2008 and include a link to your video, your         name, company, address, phone, and email. Splunk will then post it         on the SysAdmin of the Year site.    4.   Encourage friends and co-workers to view the video on YouTube as the         People's Choice Top 3 prizes will be awarded based on the number of         YouTube views.    5.   Winners Announced Nov. 9, 2008 @ LISA         ( Conference.    6.   Visit the SAOTY website for more information:     Prizes:    --   Grand Prize: Fully Loaded Apple Laptop    --   People's Choice (Top 3): Wii / XBox / PS3    --   Free T-shirts to first 500 entries     About Splunk  

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