September 10, 2008

Ghost Theory for Mystery Orb in Old Hall Photo

A mysterious ghostly face has appeared at a 550-year-old manor house where King Richard III and Henry VIII were once entertained, it is claimed.

The latest spooky visitor at Gainsborough Old Hall was spotted in a picture by Paul Spence (44), of Pietermaritz Street, Lincoln.

Mr Spence saw a silver orb above his head in a picture taken at a gathering of The Lord Burgh Retinue at the old hall. When the medieval re-enactment member zoomed in closer to examine the strange object, he found a face and a skull staring back.

The hall is famous for being haunted by a figure known as the Grey Lady and Mr Spence said he was struggling to explain the silver object in the picture.

"My girlfriend asked what it was in the picture but we said it might be a flash," he said.

"I then blew the picture up on my computer and thought it looked like the flash had a face on it. I thought there was two faces on it and one looked like a skull."

Author Sue Allan, from Glentham, also works as a tour guide around the old hall and said people had approached her after spotting orbs and ghost-like figures in the building.

"I have had people see things when I have been doing tours at the old hall," she said.

"The orbs are really strange. I have had someone come to me shaking and they showed me the orbs on their camera."

For more on the mystery, see Tuesday's Lincolnshire Echo.

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