September 10, 2008

CA and IBM Demonstrate CMDB Interoperability

CA and IBM have announced the interoperability of their respective configuration management databases, CMDBs, and management data repositories, MDRs.

The CMDBf specification, developed in October 2007 by CMDB Federation, was authored by BMC Software, CA, Fujitsu Limited, HP, IBM, and Microsoft. The specification is under development as a standard by the Distributed Management Task Force. This is the first public demonstration of any two software vendors' systems incorporating the specification.

The companies used open source software from the Eclipse Community-driven Systems Management in Open Source, Cosmos, project, which is building a standards-based framework for software developers to create interoperable tools for system management. They plan to give the code from the demonstration to the Cosmos project as reference code.

Alan Ganek, chief technology officer and vice president of autonomic computing at IBM Tivoli Software, said: "By championing these industry service management initiatives, we provide our customers with greater visibility, control, and automation over their disparate IT systems and help them to increase the return from their IT investments. Our joint contributions to the Eclipse Cosmos project also ease partners' efforts to use the CMDBf specification by providing an open-source reference implementation."