September 10, 2008

Objectworld Announces New SIP Paging Server Solution With CyberData Corporation

Objectworld Communications Corp., today announced a new partnership with CyberData Corporation, a leading OEM design and manufacturing firm with more than 30 years of experience in the point-of-sale (POS) and communications industries, and new paging server capabilities to its award-winning Objectworld Unified Communication (UC) Server(R) software. Any sized small business will now be able to deploy sophisticated, SIP-based paging for remarkably low cost.

"We've been eagerly awaiting Objectworld's new paging capabilities. In an educational context, being able to page over phone sets, over loud speakers - or both, is absolutely critical," said Don Reece, director of information technology for Pembina Trails School Division. "As an Objectworld Connect partner, I know that a solution that pairs CyberData speakers and Objectworld UC Server is guaranteed to work end-to-end. As the IT director for a school division that includes 34 buildings, hundreds of staff and teachers, and thousands of parents and students, I can't tell you how important that assured interoperability is."

The new SIP paging server solution allows simple live paging, record and review paging, or pre-recorded pages based on easily customizable paging groups to be played over phone sets or overhead speakers. In more sophisticated cases, services can be created that allow users to select a variety of pre-recorded announcements. These announcements can be made to one or more paging zones, or automatically initiated on a time schedule by corporate applications employing pre-recorded announcements in ODBC compliant databases. Combined with Objectworld's out-dialing capabilities, businesses can create pages on a schedule or in response to real time events for a number of vertical industries (e.g. retail, airports, education and more). For example, a pre-recorded page may be issued to alert retail employees of changes in inventory levels or airline customers of scheduling delays.

"CyberData is a recognized leader with a 30-year track record for success in point-of-sale solutions, and are an emerging market leader for SIP end-point devices. Objectworld is very pleased to announce their addition to our growing listing of Objectworld Connect(TM) Interoperability Program partners. Objectworld UC Server's paging capabilities in combination with CyberData's SIP paging devices creates new market opportunities for integrated or stand alone paging solutions for our solutions providers and customers," said David Schenkel, Objectworld's chief technical officer.

The solution is highly flexible and cost-effective for small- to medium-sized businesses. Objectworld UC Server provides support for devices that support multicast RTP, as well as a built-in unicast paging server to support phones and paging devices that don't support multicast RTP. The solution allows users to page over existing or new loudspeaker/amplifier infrastructure using CyberData VoIP Paging Amplifiers, Paging Speakers, Zone Controllers and Intercom units; over SIP phones from Objectworld Connect(TM) partners Polycom, snom, Grandstream, and Aastra; and over any IP device that can receive a multicast RTP audio stream. Businesses can deploy these paging capabilities with Objectworld UC Server SIP and CEBP Edition, with another IP PBX, or as stand-alone paging systems using new/existing Ethernet infrastructure either with SIP or existing speakers and amps.

About CyberData Corporation

CyberData Corporation is a leading OEM design and manufacturing firm with more than 30 years of experience in the point-of-sale (POS) and communications industries. With a staff of over 30 people, we are specialists in protocol conversion technologies and in designing innovative POS and SIP based peripherals. Our commitment to quickly meeting our customer's engineering and business objectives has established CyberData as a leading supplier to OEM's, VARs and high volume end users. For more information, please visit the CyberData Web site:

About Objectworld

Objectworld(TM) Communications Corp. provides unified communications software solutions that enable small- and medium-sized businesses with Microsoft(R) Windows(R) platforms to drive workforce productivity and improve organizational responsiveness. Its award-winning product, Objectworld UC Server(R), integrates business communications, business processes and corporate data to deliver a true communications enabled business process solution. Objectworld solutions provide unprecedented simplicity and value to businesses that want to make a smooth transition from simple telephony to a feature-rich unified communications solution, while leveraging their investment in their PBX and Microsoft business systems. For more information, please visit