September 10, 2008

Cerylion Deploys CommADVISOR V4.0 to Major Accounts and Carriers

BURLINGTON, Mass., Sept. 10 /PRNewswire/ -- Cerylion, Inc., a premier provider of advanced global communications and information technology (IT) solutions, today announced the launch of CommADVISOR v4.0. CommADVISOR is a telecom expense management solution for large enterprise network financial management.

CommADVISOR enables fixed or wireless voice and data carriers and their customers to more efficiently manage all financial aspects of network operations through a single, multi-carrier view of network resources, service orders, service locations, contracts and billings. CommADVISOR constantly monitors, measures and analyzes the entire telecom lifecycle to persistently optimize financial results.

"CommADVISOR breaks new ground for Intelisys' customers like Qwest by enabling an automated approach to billing quality assurance, and also serves to reduce direct and indirect network costs for Qwest and Qwest customers," said Dana Topping, President, Intelisys Carriers Solutions ( "Many organizations have lagged in financial management and enterprise resource planning solutions for their voice and data networks. As a multi-carrier solution, CommADVISOR gives our customers the needed business intelligence to manage and optimize results across the entire enterprise network, and creates new value within the supply chain for both carriers and their customers."

The CommADVISOR system eliminates the need for post-payment bill auditing software and services. Unlike telecom expense management (TEM) tools that document the work of bill auditors, CommADVISOR actually automates the financial analysis effort across the entire process of network financial management, before an order is placed, or before the bill is paid. By providing a Business Intelligence-driven application that automates key workflows, CommADVISOR enables enterprise customers to manage their fixed and wireless telecom assets and optimize their spending across the entire telecom lifecycle -- all within a secure web-hosted application that is available on-demand, 24x7. Based on Cerylion's patented service router technologies, CommADVISOR has added a new dimension to enterprise telecom resource management.

"Scalability and extensibility are key concerns for large enterprises and their carrier service providers," said Eric Goodness, Senior Research Vice President, Telecom Strategies for Gartner, a leading industry analysis firm ( "Methods that rely on manual processes or that require workflow customization quickly breakdown in those organizations that spend more than $1M per month. Enterprise users at this scale require highly automated solutions that cover the entire telecom financial management lifecycle."

Within a secure web-hosted environment, CommADVISOR enables a sophisticated ERP model for enterprise network resources, and extends that workflow to key network service partners like AT&T, Qwest and Verizon. Enterprise customers benefit from fully automated in-cycle billing resolution and invoice processing, and eliminate the labor or service costs associated with post-payment audits, charge accounting, charge-back reporting and budget reporting. Active Inventory Management, Service Scorecards and Contract Analysis and Forecasting modules built into the patent pending CommADVISOR platform provides users with one of the most advanced, automated network spend management systems available.

"The new CommADVISOR capabilities help reduce customer time spent auditing bills, tracking orders and other labor-intensive tasks, and enables faster assessment and optimization of every financial decision," continued Topping. "This CommADVISOR release is a major leap forward for Intelisys in aggregating data from multiple back-end billing systems from multiple carriers to provide customers around the globe with a consolidated network-management view for monitoring, measuring and analyzing voice and data spend. Using CommADVISOR, Intelisys can enable collaboration across the supply chain for both carriers and with enterprise customers in a web-based workflow process for optimized results."

CommADVISOR is delivered as a web-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) product, and is also provided as a fully managed service from Intelisys and other CommADVISOR service partners (

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