September 11, 2008

Lumeta and Avalon Partner to Deliver Network Assurance Technology

Lumeta, a provider of network assurance solutions, and Avalon Technology, a provider of lifecycle management solutions and services, have entered into a partnership to deliver Lumeta's network assurance technology, IPsonar, to federal agencies.

Lumeta claims that its IPsonar technology will enable comprehensive network discovery to identify security, availability and compliance issues.

According to Lumeta, federal government agencies are faced with numerous mandates and transition initiatives such as Networx, IPv6 and TIC. These initiatives require complete visibility into network connectivity and behavior so that changes to the network can be balanced with security, availability and compliance imperatives.

Together, Lumeta and Avalon will provide the government with a solution that allows agencies to gain a complete understanding of the network environment in order to measure and mange network risk and close security gaps.

Michael Markulec, COO of Lumeta, said: "Several federal agencies, including the Federal Aviation Association, already benefit from using Lumeta's IPsonar. Avalon Technology's customers will gain a tremendous advantage in their cyber security programs with IPsonar."