September 11, 2008

Wunderman Taps Visible Technologies to Expand Its Social Media Strategies

Visible Technologies, a leading provider of social media monitoring and engagement solutions, and Wunderman, the largest global marketing services network in the world, have joined in a unique partnership to drive social media strategies for the Wunderman Network's clients worldwide.

Under the partnership, Wunderman Network agencies will use Visible Technologies' TruCast(R) monitoring, measurement and engagement platform in combination with Wunderman's insights, metrics and optimization process to integrate emerging social technologies into digital media practices with measurable results.

The partnership enables the Wunderman Network to help its clients:

-- Build strategic road maps to integrate social media into their marketing plans

-- Identify the most influential blogs and social sites as part of an impactful social networking campaign

-- Implement social media tactics to drive behavior for specific marketing outcomes, such as increased attendance and conversational volume around key marketing events

-- Actively engage in the blogosphere for scaling customer interaction in a controlled and open manner

The Wunderman Network has leveraged Visible Technologies' platform to build greater brand equity and drive measurable business results for its clients. Social media strategies using Visible Technologies' expertise have been developed by teams, including Wunderman's strategy & insights group and Mediaedge:cia's digital media group, to increase awareness and attendance at a series of in-person events. Leveraging TruCast, Wunderman and MediaEdge:cia identified, tracked and measured the sentiment of top web sites and blog authors in the industry, engaging with them and providing event information to clients, where appropriate. The outreach resulted in enhanced and scaled engagement, measured by reach, sentiment and demonstrable impact on behavior.

Visible Technologies empowers companies to track, analyze and most importantly, engage in social media conversations through the TruCast platform. TruCast 2.0, with customers such as Hormel and Panasonic, is the industry's most comprehensive solution for social media monitoring, measurement and engagement.

"Understanding the many-to-many relationships critical to consumer preference today is as important to us as the one-to-one insights and analytics in which we are the leaders. Social media analytics are enabling us to expand our clients' audience reach, and scale their customer engagements in innovative new ways," said Stewart Pearson, chief client officer, Wunderman.

"Wunderman has a great history of using data-driven insights and analysis to help brands understand and connect with consumers. The Visible Technologies' TruCast platform enables greater understanding and interaction in the new and growing channel of online communities. The combination of Wunderman's knowledge and analysis along with TruCast technology will create new and compelling opportunities for brands," said Adam Selig, chief executive officer, Visible Technologies.

About Wunderman

Wunderman is the original and most diverse marketing services network in the world. Our powerful creative campaigns reach customers wherever they are--online, on-the-move or in their homes or offices--and incite action, lifelong relationships and measurable business results. Since 2002, Wunderman work was recognized with 25 Lions at the prestigious International Advertising Festival-Cannes Lions, including the coveted Direct Grand Prix two years in a row. In 2006, Wunderman Network was recognized with nearly 300 awards. This year, Wunderman Network ranked 4th in Advertising Age's Top 10 Digital Agencies and our expertise is acknowledged regularly in the press and by industry analysts. The Wunderman Network, part of Young & Rubicam Brands, is a member of WPP (NASDAQ: WPPGY). For more information, visit

About Visible Technologies

Visible Technologies helps companies listen and learn what consumers are saying about them online, and it enables brands to participate in the right conversations with the right influencers at the right time. With this real-time business insight and response, companies build relationships with customers, bolster their brands and grow revenue. Its innovative TruCast(R) platform is the industry's first complete solution for social media analysis and participation. Visible Technologies also helps brands and individuals manage and protect their online reputations with the powerful TruView(TM) search engine solution. For more information, go to, or follow the blog at

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