September 11, 2008

Web Ecosystem Marketing(TM) Sets the Gold Standard for Franchised Organizations and Their Constituents

On the heels of selling a portion of its business, BroadSpire(R) emerges with laser sharp focus on a new, innovative Web marketing service that it has been developing for over two years. BroadSpire's new service will initially focus on the franchise industry where traditional, conservative marketing methods still rule. While these stalwarts lead global growth, whether they know it or not, their centralized Web strategy (with "store locators" imbedded in a behemoth corporate site) is costing them millions of leads to local, including "mom & pop" type competitors.

CENTURY 21 Real Estate LLC is quickly experiencing the results of strategically focused change. They are the world's largest real estate franchise organization and plan to stay that way. Living up to their name as innovators for the 21st century, they are empowering their 8,900 independently owned and operated franchises and over 140,000 sales professionals to enhance their collective online position through Web Ecosystem Marketing.

Beverly Thorne, Chief Marketing Officer for CENTURY 21(R) says, "Adopting a progressive marketing strategy is imperative, especially in a challenging housing market. BroadSpire clearly understands Web marketing and the techniques necessary for us to generate local leads for our agents."

Getting high quality leads is imperative for a business to succeed, but relying on 3rd party lead generation sources has gotten old fast; leads are expensive, are of poor quality, have little alignment with corporate strategy and are often sold many times over. The heads of franchised organizations need to regain control and implement Web programs that extract value from their local network of offices and affiliates for a truly sustainable advantage.

"Web Ecosystem Marketing is one of our key strategic initiatives this year to ensure CENTURY 21 and its affiliates remain ahead of the competition," continues Ms. Thorne. "BroadSpire's highly adaptive program is a perfect complement to how we work."

Search engines are focusing on improving relevance by prioritizing local search results. This inhibits a franchised organization's centralized online presence from reaching consumers seeking local products and services.

Web Ecosystem Marketing is a collection of proprietary tools and service programs implemented by BroadSpire on behalf of the franchisor to gain local prominence. The service pushes the power out to the edge of the franchisor's affiliate network and gets the constituents to assist in fighting the competition rather than watch from the sidelines. The service is implemented in phases and is designed to maximize the value of the connected network. The inherent power in the numbers of connections can make a franchise unstoppably powerful.

"The rapid success we've enjoyed and the significant interest from even the largest organizations around the world proved we were answering a question that had been plaguing this industry - if search traffic is growing exponentially, why is the traffic to my corporate site still stagnant?" said Steve Huot, President/COO of BroadSpire. "Our tested techniques and proprietary tools delivered on so many levels, from gaining national search audience to building local leads. Nothing engenders loyalty or builds member value more than growth, and when properly implemented, it is as game changing as human growth hormone to an Olympic hopeful."

BroadSpire recently divested an older IT hosting division to focus purely on expanding its new service. Mr. Huot concluded, "We're on a mission to deliver over 1 million leads to our clients by the end of 2009 and we're prepared to invest heavily to help early adopters reap quick rewards. I welcome the leaders of franchised organizations to reach out directly to me to discuss how they can extract lightning quick returns through a comprehensive local strategy."

About BroadSpire, Inc.

Founded in 1996, BroadSpire ( implements proprietary website tools and marketing services on a private label basis to franchises, dealer and agency networks, member organizations and large branch office enterprises. Its Web Ecosystem Marketing service harnesses the power of the "network effect" in a very unique way to help these enterprises increase their value exponentially. BroadSpire is a four time winner of Deloitte & Touche's prestigious Los Angeles Technology Fast 50 award. BroadSpire's service reaches tens of thousands of clients across real estate, insurance, healthcare, business, professional and financial service industries.

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