September 12, 2008

Enea Provides Voiceboard With Middleware for Military Communication System

Enea, a provider of network software and services, has announced that Voiceboard, a manufacturer and marketer of embedded cPCI and VME, is using its Element middleware and professional services to develop a new VoIP-networked military radio telecommunications system.

Voiceboard will use Element to develop a distributed, fault-tolerant VoIP gateway that facilitates communications between mobile radio, SATCOM terminals, telephone systems, user headsets and VoIP networked communication terminals operating in a tactical military environment.

According to Enea, its Element is a standards-based middleware platform for building applications that integrate hardware and system software components into a cohesive communications platform. It gives equipment makers the COTS middleware platform they need to deliver next generation communications systems.

Element provides core services for instrumenting, monitoring, and synchronizing applications spread across multiple operating systems and processors. It also provides network supervision, fault management, DSP management, shelf management, and upgrade management services that make it easier to monitor, repair, configure, and upgrade live systems as they operate in the field.

Greg Peacock, chief technology officer at Voiceboard, said: "Enea's Element middleware, together with their top-notch professional services, provide an off-the-shelf communications and network management solution that is enabling us to focus our development efforts and accelerate deployment of our next generation tactical military VoIP radio telecommunication systems."