September 12, 2008

Leader in Remote Tech Support Offers Free Wi-Fi Troubleshooting to Hurricane Ike Evacuees

With Hurricane Ike bearing down on Texas,, a leader in repairing computer problems remotely over a broadband connection, offers tips to ease the stress of getting personal technology back up and running after an evacuation, plus a free offer for residents of the affected area.

Many families who return from an extended evacuation will find that long periods without power have knocked their wireless networks offline. Hurricane Ike evacuees who still need help with their wireless network after following these steps are invited to call 1-800-PC-Support, where an expert, North America-based solutions engineer will help reset their wireless connection for free.*

Take the following steps to get your network back up and running:

 1.  Make sure the walls and all components are dry and power has been     restored to your home before powering up your system. 2.  If your wireless network is not coming online, try rebooting your     router by turning it off and unplugging it for a few minutes, then     plugging it back in, turning it on and letting it cycle through the     booting process. 3.  If you still do not have connectivity, call your service provider to     ensure that service has been restored to your area. 4.  If your service provider confirms that service has been restored to     your area, but your WiFi network still is not online, call     1-800-PC-Support for free assistance with the promotional code IKE08* 

From lightening storms to hurricanes, foul weather is no friend to personal technology. As the final step in returning home, set your family up with a plan for protecting your personal technology next time nature strikes:

 --  Protect Yourself from Power Surges. When lightening strikes, it can     travel along power lines causing damage to electronics and posing a serious     safety risk. To reduce the risk, never use your computer in a lightening     storm. Make sure your computer is plugged into a UL-rated surge protector     and unplug all components if you have to evacuate. --  Backup Critical Data and Take it With You. Of course you want to     ensure the safe evacuation of your family first, but if you regularly back-     up important files and precious memories, be sure to take them with you.     At the very least, take your laptop, which will house many of these     important items and function as a critical communication tool while you are     away from home. --  Move your CPU to Higher Ground. Many people keep their CPU on the     floor or underneath the desk. If forced to evacuate in a hurricane or     flood, move the CPU to higher ground by placing it on the desktop if there     is risk of flooding, and be sure it is protected from breaking glass and     falling objects. --  Protect your Monitor from Flying Debris. If you have a flat-panel     monitor, flip it face-down onto a padded surface to prevent it being     damaged by flying debris. --  Write Down your WEP Key and Router Passwords. Keep all your important     system information in a safe place so that it will be available to you if     you need to reset your internet or wireless connection upon your return. --  Powering Back Up. When returning home to a system that has been     without power for a period of time, make sure the walls and components are     dry before powering back up.      

(*To receive a free Wireless Network Set-Up and Troubleshooting service, residents should call from their home phone registered to an area code in the affected area and use the discount code IKE08. Offer good through November 1, 2008.)

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