September 12, 2008

SpinetiX Selects TI’s Embedded Processor Technology

SpinetiX, a provider of digital signage solutions, has selected Texas instruments's embedded processor technology for its new digital signage dedicated appliance: the HMP100, Hyper Media Player. Texas instruments's programmable digital media processor performs real-time video decoding and high definition scene composition.

According to Texas Instruments (TI), there is a growing need in the digital signage industry to network-based visual communication solutions through digital displays and dedicated appliances. Existing multimedia players are simple to install but limited in functionalities, on the other hand, PC-based media player solutions suffer from high acquisition and operational costs.

To answer the technical challenges of these tradeoffs, SpinetiX is using TI's digital media processors based on DaVinci technology to meet the networked media encode and decode application processing needs of next-generation embedded devices. The programmability and flexibility offered by the processor allow customers to meet requirements of changing standards in video codecs and provide software updates and new features to field-deployed units.

TI claims that the combination of features in the DaVinci technology processors allows the development of smart dedicated appliances with a broader scope of functionality including high-quality video, interactivity, precise time synchronization as well as flexible network configuration possibilities.

The low power consumption of the TI embedded processors enables the HMP100 to benefit from a compact design without mechanical parts with clear benefits in terms of simplified deployment and reliability compared to a PC-based solution.

Francesco Ziliani, COO of SpinetiX, said: "The deployment of digital signage networks requires easy to use and robust dedicated appliances to drive high quality and rich media content from network resources to digital displays. To reach this goal, the HMP100 Hyper Media Player simplifies the work of integrators and solution providers by offering an open and standard API based on SVG format, PHP and JavaScript programming and the support of most common multi-media standards. Digital signage becomes simple, interactive, dynamic and flexible as a web-based application."