September 13, 2008

Don’t Give Yourself Away on the Internet

AN economics expert is giving a free talk in Newcastle on Monday about the risks of giving away personal details on the internet.

Paul Bernal, from the London School of Economics, is speaking at an event organised by Cafe Culture North East at the Urban Cafe in Dance City. Titled 'Giving Away Our Lives: Internet 2.0', it begins at 7pm and is free and open to all.

Yesterday he warned that people give away the details of their lives without even knowing it, warning that search engines like Google and Yahoo keep records of everything people search for, that internet service providers keep tabs on every website they visit, that social networking services know who their user friends are, and shopping sites know not only what they buy but what they consider buying.

He said people should reduce the risks of giving away too much information, from checking the privacy settings on any website to logging out of email services like hotmail or gmail before searching or browsing, and avoiding questionnaires.


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