September 14, 2008

Best Six Reasons Why Wireless Technology Never Looked so Good

Casting my mind back to the days when technology was in its infancy, the overriding memory is not of the huge hi-fi units taking up more space than they should on the shelf, nor is it of the TV similar in size to a small saloon car.

The thing that stands out the most is the amount of cable that used to litter my living room, like a spaghetti explosion. With the advent of high quality wireless technology we can now send all manner of information around the home. Could the cable be an endangered species?

Moveable Music -Griffin Evolve, pounds239.99, www.currys-

At first glance it looks like yet another iPod docking centre, but this stereo speaker system offers the ability to move its bass boxes around the room for better sound.

Take one to another room while you listen to your tunes so you need never miss a track or feel the need to crank up the volume to neighbour bothering levels.

Silent Alert - Alert Me, from pounds149,

With the hub unit plugged into your broadband network and a motion sensor placed discreetly in your home this system cleverly sends you a text message if security is compromised inside.

A premium package is available, with multiple sensors for larger homes and can also be set to recognise when smoke detectors go off.

Multiroom Music - Logitech Squeezebox Duet, pounds249.99, from

Release the sounds from your computer onto much more than your portable MP3 player. With the Squeezebox, you can enjoy your collection on any audio system you have in the home.

Sending music over the airwaves means you can enjoy more of your music, more of the time. Just sit back and relax with the coloured screen and remote control unit.

Personal Player - Creative Zen X Fi, pounds139.82 from

This all new multimedia machine from Creative has taken at least some of the shine off Apples dominant skin. This model boasts a decent 16GB memory for video and music storage, can connect to your home WiFi network and stream content onto its screen.

Page Production - Lexmark 4875, pounds99.99,

The printers used at home present one real problem, the cable the manufacturers stick in the box usually means you have to have the hulking bulk of your machine under or on your desk. Set this one up in the home and not only do you lose cable clutter but all of the computers in the house can communicate with the one printer.

Freerange Rabbit - Nabaztag, pounds79.99 from

Plug in this carrot crunching creature and watch as it searches out your wireless network. Online just select the information you want - such as weather or news - for an entirely different way of receiving updates.

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