September 15, 2008

GSX Monitor V9 Delivers Near Perfect Email Uptime and a Single User Interface for Monitoring Across Multiple Platforms

GSX, the leader in monitoring software for unified communications servers for Lotus(R) Domino(R), Microsoft Exchange, BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) and Sametime(R), today announced the latest version of its server monitoring and reporting solution. The new GSX Monitor V9 enables near perfect email uptime for enterprises with heterogeneous unified communications server environments.

Email remains a mission critical application for all medium and large enterprises because even minimal downtime translates to revenue loss. In an effort to streamline operational costs and derive increased productivity and value from IT, enterprises are demanding more cost-effective and efficient means to monitor and maintain complex messaging servers. This becomes more critical when email is deployed globally in disparate platform environments.

"We have been using GSX Monitor for our BES, Notes and Sametime infrastructure for the past four years. We are looking forward to the new features of GSX V9, such as Analyzer, alert profiles, and the escalation feature," said Renate Tomesch, Manager Global Messaging, Johnson Controls.

GSX's predictive monitoring, maintenance and analytics solution has enabled global businesses to free up email administrators through tools that help them stay on top of mail servers without having to perform time-consuming daily maintenance tasks. These tools and solutions minimize the impact of potential problems. With more than a decade of market leadership throughout the world, GSX is the partner of choice for global enterprises such as Sun Microsystems, Michelin North America, Colgate Palmolive, Avon and Royal Caribbean.

Key features of GSX Monitor V9:

-- Predictive reporting and analytics capabilities alert IT Administrators of potential risks in real time

-- Historical reports and graphs summarizes trends on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis

-- Remote access through Web browser or BlackBerry / mobile device interface

-- Monitors Exchange, Sametime, Web, and BlackBerry servers without repetitive monitoring tasks

-- Does not require server-resident components

-- Escalation advanced alert list profile feature

-- Analyzer management tool reconciles SLA terms

-- Installs in under 30 minutes

"GSX Monitor V9 is a culmination of the ongoing conversations we have had with our 500 global customers who regularly identify business continuity as a critical success factor for driving growth and productivity," said Antoine Leboyer, CEO of GSX. "With the introduction of V9, we are delivering an advanced unified communications solution that empowers IT organizations to be more proactive with email monitoring and ensure near-perfect uptime for business continuity."

About GSX

GSX is the global technology leader in monitoring software for unified communications servers for IBM Lotus Notes(R), Microsoft (R) Exchange and Blackberry (R) Enterprise Server. Monitoring more than 5 million email boxes for over 500 enterprise customers, GSX enables global enterprises to achieve unparalleled value through rapid installation, on-demand reporting and predictive analytics. The company represents nearly 30% of Fortune 100 companies. With operations in the United States, United Kingdom, France, and Switzerland, GSX's solutions are backed by first-class technical services worldwide. To learn more, visit: