September 15, 2008

Axway Announces Tumbleweed Integration Strategy

Following its merger with Tumbleweed Communications, announced on September 4, 2008, Axway today introduced a plan to integrate Tumbleweed's managed file transfer (MFT), email security and identity validation products into Axway's multi-enterprise collaboration product portfolio.

All products of both entities are actively sold and supported. Axway's three-phase integration strategy is designed to offer immediate and long-term value for customers of both companies. Phase 1 involves field integration of complementary products. As part of Phase 1, available immediately, Axway provides end-to-end visibility, analytics, and internal file transfer capabilities to customers of Tumbleweed's MFT solution, SecureTransport(TM). Shortly thereafter, Axway will launch Phase 2, integrating core Tumbleweed products into Axway's service-oriented Synchrony(TM) Framework. Longer term, Axway will initiate Phase 3, to merge any functionally similar products into a single, best-in-class solution.

The merger offers benefits to customers of both entities. Tumbleweed customers gain Axway's Synchrony functionality, including internal MFT, global process visibility, business-to-business integration (B2Bi), application integration, and trading partner management, all built on a service-oriented architecture (SOA). Axway customers gain the addition of Tumbleweed's policy-based secure email delivery, email encryption, ad hoc file transfer and identity validation capabilities.

"We plan to continue to leverage all of Tumbleweed's current products," said Christophe Fabre, CEO of Axway. "Email is the most widely used communications channel in business today, and the email security assets we acquired through Tumbleweed will improve our ability to deliver MFT solutions in the future. As such, our email security products and solutions will move forward, consistent with our strategy."

As part of the first phase, two integrated solutions are immediately available:

SecureTransport Plus Business Activity Monitoring: Tumbleweed customers can now supplement their SecureTransport deployments with Synchrony Sentinel, a powerful, easy-to-use event collection, management and presentation platform, for end-to-end visibility into both B2Bi and MFT. Synchrony Sentinel improves customer experience, reduces operating costs and brings a true enterprise view to cross-platform and application file movement for both business and IT. Sentinel enables portal-based customer self-service, executive dashboards, better visibility for customer service representatives and proactive alerting and event management. Sentinel bridges the gaps in requirements for visibility for both technical and business teams.

SecureTransport Plus Enterprise MFT: Tumbleweed customers can deploy Synchrony Sentinel and Synchrony Transfer to add business activity monitoring (BAM) and internal file transfer across multiple platforms and applications, including mainframes, AS/400 and major enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions. Files represent 80% of the data in an organization, yet enterprise service bus (ESB) and SOA strategies today fall short of providing critical services for file-based applications. By capturing, correlating and acting on events from SecureTransport, Synchrony Transfer, and business applications, Sentinel provides complete event-based management of all of the business processes SecureTransport supports today.

"In 2006, we formulated several goals to achieve by 2010, and this merger puts us well ahead of schedule," added Fabre. "Our goal is to be the leading provider of collaborative business solutions, and Tumbleweed's secure content delivery offerings play an essential role in our success."

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