September 15, 2008

VMLogix Expands Software Test and Development Offerings With Introduction of VMLogix StageManager(TM)

VMLogix, Inc., a leading provider of virtual lab automation solutions that help software companies and IT organizations leverage virtualization to consolidate lab infrastructure and automate build and test processes, today announced VMLogix StageManager(TM), a hypervisor-agnostic solution that provides staging of applications and services for testing and deployment into production. StageManager will allow users to quickly stage applications and services - delivering testing performance under production environment conditions, helping manage new application and service rollouts including patch and upgrade management, and archiving a working production configuration set-up.

"Deploying virtual servers can be a wonderful way to increase the flexibility and agility of an organization's testing procedures," said Dan Kusnetzky, president and principal analyst of the Kusnetzky Group LLC. "The freedom this technology offers can also bring along issues such as rolling out new applications and services or managing patches and upgrades. These challenges can certainly increase costs of administration and operations. Without the proper planning and the use of the appropriate virtual management tools, these can become major pain points for organizations. Products like StageManager from VMLogix allow organizations to take great strides in automating the use of their pre-production infrastructure, and to better test, deliver and manage the applications and services as they transition from pre-production to production."

"The introduction of StageManager expands VMLogix's footprint from the dev/test lab into staging and production, and will prove beneficial for our joint customers," said Simon Crosby, CTO, Virtualization Management Division, Citrix Systems. "XenServer customers will now have an easy-to-use tool that can manage their multi-machine applications and IT services in their virtualized data centers. And, as more companies deploy server virtualization, the fact that VMLogix StageManager can work with all the leading hypervisors will be particularly appealing to customers not wanting to get locked into a specific platform."

VMLogix StageManager enables users to:

-- Stage multi-machine configurations, applications and services for comprehensive testing prior to publishing them to production - to create multi-virtual machine setups that host IT services or business applications; import multi-virtual machine configurations from IT test labs; and export the final stage configuration to production and clone a production environment configuration to capture an exact replica for pre-production and lab testing

-- Customize staging workflow - to create multiple user defined stages to reflect IT workflow in pre-production environment and in post pre-production to move your multi-machine setup to production; migrate configurations between stages with a single mouse click; allow easy web console access

-- Access to powerful IT administration controls - to define and create multiple users in the staging system, with defined access controls for every user; network zone your staging configurations to allow parallel execution of configurations without requiring any changes; archive and lock-down a multi-virtual machine configuration; support multiple LDAP/AD OUs; provide advanced storage options and reporting

"VMLogix StageManager is the next logical step in creating a suite of hypervisor-agnostic virtual machine management applications," said Sameer Dholakia, CEO of VMLogix. "We are building on the success of our first product, VMLogix LabManager, which is ideal for any organization that creates software, such as ISVs and Enterprise application development groups. VMLogix StageManager is attractive to every business that uses software, and thus we expect it to appeal to organizations of every size and in every vertical. StageManager will facilitate the testing, deployment and delivery of software as an IT service - be it email, ERP, BI, or custom applications - and will do so without lock-in to any particular hypervisor. "


VMLogix StageManager will be available in beta in October, and will be generally available in early December. For more information, please visit

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VMLogix provides virtual machine management solutions designed for software companies and IT organizations to use any of the leading virtualization platforms for consolidating test lab infrastructures, automating the software build and test process, and for managing the staging and delivery of applications into production. Companies worldwide use VMLogix technology to deliver software more quickly, cost-effectively and reliably than with any other solution on the market. VMLogix has partnerships with the industry's most established technology companies including Citrix, IBM, Microsoft and VMware. VMLogix is a privately-held company headquartered in Palo Alto, California. The company has received funding from Bain Capital Ventures and Trilogy. For more information on VMLogix, visit

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