September 16, 2008

CorasWorks(R) Releases Third Version of the Data Integration Toolset(TM)

RESTON, Va., Sept. 16 /PRNewswire/ -- CorasWorks Corporation, a leading provider of modular application development software for Microsoft's SharePoint(R) platform, has announced the release of the third version of the CorasWorks Data Integration Toolset ("CorasWorks Toolset") for Microsoft(R) SharePoint. The CorasWorks Toolset is a composite application development tool that complements the CorasWorks Workplace Suite(TM). Together, they make up the powerful CorasWorks Modular Application Development System(TM) that has been deployed in more than 1000 enterprises worldwide.

CorasWorks Toolset is a comprehensive, modular development tool for building business applications that integrate data from SharePoint, external data sources, and external applications. Powerful applications can now be built on SharePoint without the costs and complexity of the custom code life cycle. Key features of the CorasWorks Toolset are:

-- Modular - its unique modular, n-tier, component-based design provides extensive flexibility and reusability that are critical for the distributed architecture of SharePoint

-- Comprehensive - it vastly reduces the need for custom code development and increases maintainability, by providing an end-to-end set of components, from customizable end user displays and read-write forms, to mashup and business analysis adapters, to modular data providers, to the data connection services on the back end

-- XML API - its open, non-proprietary XML API, eliminates the need to code to proprietary interfaces and exposes information for use by third party developers or off-the-shelf components

-- Data Services - extensive data services provide integration with external data sources and applications via ADO (e.g., SQL Server, Oracle, DB2 Microsoft Access), XML (e.g., ATOM, RSS), Web Services (e.g., Microsoft CRM,, http (e.g., Amazon, Yahoo), as well as integration of SharePoint data.*

"In version 1.0 of the CorasWorks Toolset, we focused on delivering powerful, yet easy to deploy, data integration services." said Gary Voight, CEO of CorasWorks. "Now in its third version, the CorasWorks Toolset provides a comprehensive modular toolset of components for the UI, business and data tiers that increases flexibility, reuse and maintainability, while reducing the need for custom code development."

With this new version of the CorasWorks Toolset, customers can solve enterprise business needs by enabling them to:

-- Use SharePoint as a front-end to legacy applications

-- Build complete line-of-business database applications utilizing external data sources

-- Build flexible application portals that inter-connect SharePoint data and applications with external data sources

-- Build cross-departmental business processes integrating data and applications from external systems

-- Create composite applications that mashup data from SharePoint and external data sources and application

-- Create integrated solutions across separate server farms within and between organizations

The CorasWorks Data Integration Toolset is deployed in both small and large enterprises worldwide including The Ken Blanchard Companies. The Ken Blanchard Companies utilized the CorasWorks Toolset to create a cross-departmental Event Management process in SharePoint that integrates data from their Microsoft Navision Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) application. "The CorasWorks Toolset enabled us to build out a cross-data solution without requiring any custom code," said Jack T. Kaye, Jr., Director New Technology Development at The Ken Blanchard Companies. "By using the CorasWorks Toolset, we were able to deliver a solution customized to the needs of our users in less time without having to pull our busy developers in to build a custom coded solution."

The third version of the CorasWorks Toolset is available now. It runs on Windows SharePoint Services v3 and Microsoft Office SharePoint Services 2007 (Standard and Enterprise). Visit to find out more.

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