September 16, 2008

Sprint Plan Optimizer Lets Customers Analyze Historical Wireless Usage Patterns Online; Compare and Shop for Best Plans to Meet Their Needs

Sprint Nextel (NYSE:S) today announced that it has launched an online self-service tool that allows consumer customers to analyze their own wireless usage trends to determine if their current plan is the right "fit." The Sprint Plan Optimizer, available at, gives customers a view of their historical cost and usage trends, and also helps them understand unplanned costs. After viewing a month-to-month analysis of usage and costs, customers can opt to "Analyze My Plan." If Sprint Plan Optimizer finds a better plan to fit the customer's usage pattern, a plan change is suggested. Customers may then complete any desired plan changes directly online.

As part of the company's continued commitment to improve the customer experience, the Sprint Plan Optimizer's goal is to increase customers' confidence in their plan selection and help them change to the right plan based on their past and/or current usage habits. After a month-to-month analysis is done on the usage and costs, customers can opt to receive a recommended rate plan. If the recommended rate plan is not what the customer currently has, he or she will receive a price comparison to determine if the new plan is a better fit or if the customer should remain on the current plan.

"We continue to tell our customers that they'll see more new products, policies and services that will help to improve their customer experience and the Sprint Plan Optimizer is yet another tool that will help us deliver on that goal," said Mike Cooley, vice president - Online Business at Sprint. "Sprint Plan Optimizer increases customer confidence by telling them if they're on the right wireless service plan or not. It also helps customers who are uneasy about extra charges on their bill, aren't confident that they have the best plan, or may have changed their usage habits."

Providing customers with a transparent view into their plan usage and alternatives is intended to build trust with Sprint while simultaneously helping customers make educated and informed decisions about their plans. Some of the features of the Sprint Plan Optimizer include:

-- Ability to change the billing-history range

-- Average monthly usage patterns for voice minutes, text messaging, data, etc.

-- Detailed current plan information

-- Breakout of monthly costs

-- Links to view monthly invoices

-- Average overage charges if applicable

-- Top two plan recommendations and side-by-side comparisons with current plan

The tool analyzes most types of usage, including Anytime Minutes, web and data, Nextel Direct Connect(R), text messaging, etc. Currently, all consumer customers can view up to five months of usage history; eventually they will be able to view up to 12 months of usage history.

About Sprint Nextel

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