September 16, 2008

PPS.TV Breaks Records, Winning Gold for the Most Online TV Viewers During This Year’s Olympic Games

  -- Whilst NBC and Yahoo argue over who got the most online users during the     Olympic Games, Chinese online video site PPS.TV already knows who the     real winner was   

SHANGHAI, China, Sept. 16 /Xinhua-PRNewswire/ -- According to new data from the DCCI (Data Centre of China Internet), P2P streaming media PPStream (PPS.TV) has taken a leading position for total netizens in China, with an incredible 15 million individual users on August 17, 2008, alone.

An amazing 244 million viewers, 95.1% of China's rapidly growing internet population, watched the Olympics online on the nine authorized sites according to the DCCI.

PPS was the first online video site given Olympic rights, and saw its already enviable ten million average user numbers almost double in August, growing 2.5 times faster than the industry average. PPS is currently broadcasting the 2008 Beijing Paralympic Games following the success of bringing live summer Olympics games to audiences.

Measuring daily individual user numbers, viewing times and many other data, iResearch found PPS to be the number one online video streamer in China over rivals PPLive, Sohu, ku6, UUSee, and others in the last three months.

The results also showed that the number of searches and downloads for PPS increased 1,000% in August, placing PPS in 2nd place after QQ social forum for Baidu and Google searches in China."

Vincent Xu, president of PPS, said, "The best thing about the trend is the increase in young and high income user groups. With a recorded 82% loyalty rate amongst these users, this is a good sign for the platform's growing potential."

He continued, "It is all part of PPS' plan to lead and legitimize online video and TV, which involves paying for quality and copyright respecting, new content that can be used to attract both advertisers and users."

PPS has bought over 850,000 hours of content this year, including Olympics content from CCTV 1, 2, 3, 7, 12, and CCTV Olympics Channel.

PPS now has a total of 6,000 channels for programs on demand, and has attracted brands like Nike, LG, Pepsi, China Mobile, Budweiser and Merchant Bank to advertise.

It is positive step for the Chinese online video industry, and provides credence to Bill Gates' prophecy that online videos could overtake regular TV leadership in as little as five years.

About PPS

PPS ( ), officially established in January of 2006, is the leading online TV in the world with the largest user base, contributing to a monthly view time of over 60 billion minutes. It currently provides 6,000 sets of channel programs to ten million daily active users, or over 100 million monthly users. Leveraging the most competitive products and online video techniques and experience, PPS provides internet users with a comprehensive one-stop online video service. It currently offers video encyclopedia, video showcase, and online community service to the worldwide Chinese viewer community. PPS partners with top media groups like CCTV, ESPN, SMG and (Phoenix TV) to broadcast most recent and 'trendy' contents, including major sporting events like the 15th Asian Games Doha 2006, the 2006 FIFA World Cup, and various major NBA games. In June 2008, PPS was the first to be authorized the official right to broadcast the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games online, as the premier partner of CCTV.COM, the official website of the Games.

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