September 16, 2008

NovelMaker.Com, Social Networking Site for the Literary Community, Reinvents Publishing With Bold New Features, Wins 2008 American Graphic Design Award

BALTIMORE, Sept. 16, 2008 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- "After only eight months, we've changed the landscape for writers and readers. is getting the attention it deserves," said Henry D. Felton, Chairman of recently received the 2008 American Graphic Design Award. "Out of more than 10,000 entries, won this prestigious award. Our hats off to Solnet Network & Web Services, which designed our site and helped boost our services to writers to new highs," Christopher Olander, CEO, added.

Recently, inaugurated several initiatives:

    --  Bookstore.  Writers who self-publish through NovelMaker are       featured in the site's Bookstore, and are placed into the       Barnes & Noble and Amazon on-line catalogues.    --  MyPlace.  NovelMaker users immediately go to their own MyPlace,       where they can upload pictures, their profile information, and       start their own blogs, with the ability to search for friends       and invite friends.   MyPlace pages of authors show the       manuscripts they have uploaded to the site.    --  Literary Agent Search.  NovelMaker's new feature gives authors       the ability to find only those agents who represent the       author's type of book, and offers its authors the ability to       download a file containing the contact information, submission       criteria, and other relevant information about only those       agents who represent an author's type of book.    --  Nonfiction.  NovelMaker is for writers of nonfiction as well       as fiction -- family histories, spiritual and religious,       autobiography, history, and business works can be uploaded,       rated, and reviewed -- without charge -- as well as printed       and published through NovelMaker.    --  Companion Sites.  NovelMaker has 14 newly created companion       sites, from fiction genres such as science fiction and romance       fiction, to nonfiction genres such as self-help and family       histories. 

Henry Felton, NovelMaker's Chairman, said that these new developments, added to NovelMaker's original functionality, create a unique experience. "We have competitors that offer some of what we offer," Mr. Felton said. "But nowhere on the Internet can an author or reader interested in new fiction and nonfiction find everything we offer. We don't offer contests or gimmicks or expensive 'package deals.' No literary Internet site can make this claim. We do. We look forward to welcoming millions of users in the coming year."

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