September 16, 2008

Zend To Collaborate With Adobe To Accelerate Rich Web Application Development Using PHP and Open Source Flex Framework

Zend Technologies today announced a collaboration with Adobe Systems Incorporated to bring together the flexibility, productivity and enterprise reliability of Zend's PHP technologies with the user experience benefits of Adobe Flex. The two companies will deliver technologies, content and services to make it easy for enterprise developers to build rich Internet applications (RIAs) using Flex on the client and PHP on the server. These RIAs are easier to use, speed real-time decision-making and increase employee productivity.

A key deliverable of this collaboration is the integration of Action Message Format (AMF) support into Zend Framework. AMF is an open, binary, high-speed format enabling Adobe(R) Flash(R) Player and Flex-based client applications to easily and rapidly exchange rich media and other data with servers. Flex is a highly productive, free open source framework for building and maintaining expressive web applications that deploy consistently across all major browsers and operating systems using Adobe(R) Flash(R) Player and to the desktop via Adobe(R) AIR(TM). Zend Framework is an open source PHP application framework best known for its support for flexible, efficient creation of web applications. AMF support in Zend Framework delivers optimized communication between server-side Zend Framework components and client-side Adobe Flex components. Now PHP developers will be able to leverage the fast, reliable transfer of data between the server and client tiers of their web applications. More information about AMF support is available at and

In addition, Zend and Adobe plan to optimize the experience for developers using their respective development environments. Zend Studio and Adobe(R) Flex(R) Builder(TM), both built on the open source Eclipse platform, provide robust coding, debugging, and testing tools for professional developers. Today, the two environments enable greater productivity, simplified deployment and end-to-end debugging of applications. Moving forward, Zend and Adobe plan to identify and implement cross-product integration points that optimize developer workflow and reduce development time.

"Since bringing Flex to market, we've seen strong uptake among PHP developers, and we're pleased to be collaborating with Zend and the PHP community to deliver deeper integration and increased productivity," said David Wadhwani, General Manager, Platform Business Unit at Adobe. "The collaboration with Zend furthers Adobe's commitment to open technology initiatives. Together, we will enable developers using Flex and Zend Framework to rapidly deliver highly engaging applications to both the browser and the desktop."

"Zend's mission is to enable companies investing in PHP technology to deliver world-class experiences using internet-standard technologies," said Andi Gutmans, chief technical officer and co-founder of Zend. "By working more closely with Adobe, we believe our customers will be more equipped to deliver the performance, reliability, and engaging user experience that will differentiate their products and services."

Customers Improve Enterprise Applications With Open Source Flex, Zend Framework, and PHP

Automotive Computer Services, Inc. (ACS) provides solutions that manage data needs for automotive dealerships throughout the United States:

"By moving our dealer management system from a desktop application to a web based service, we are able to drastically cut the costs of real-time data integration, while expanding our feature set and ability to integrate third party providers," said John Coggeshall, chief technical officer at ACS. "With this radical change to a more centralized web application for our customers, desktop-like user experience and responsiveness is a key factor for success. The AMF and Flex integration into Zend Framework enables us to more cost-effectively meet these requirements by dramatically reducing latency of service requests, giving our customers the highly responsive application they demand and the rich user experience we expect."

Stream Energy delivers multiple energy commodities like electricity and natural gas to over 300,000 customers throughout Texas and Georgia and they are rapidly expanding into other states:

"Our need to engage and provide relevant real-time information to our customers continually accelerates in the fast-moving deregulated consumer energy markets. Our web-based customer portal provides customer account information on our services and drives revenue collections that now number over $1.2 Billion dollars over the four year life of these systems," said Jason Forgey, Senior Director of Information Technology at Dallas-based Stream Energy. "We built our new system with PHP middleware and an API gateway using web services with an Adobe Flex/Flash front-end and an Oracle database back-end, all using Zend Solutions. The time-to-market and performance of PHP is one reason we have chosen to build with a Zend Solution that includes Zend Platform application server to manage our applications and queue up asynchronous jobs when under load, Zend Core managed PHP environment, Zend Studio in conjunction with Adobe Flex Builder for our development environment, and a Zend Framework and Adobe Flex based application portal."

Adobe and Zend will undertake multiple initiatives to deliver product interoperability and integration, and define best practices for customers. The two companies have created dedicated areas within their respective developer portals where they will deliver a series of articles, white papers, and online seminars educating developers on best practices for delivering enterprise-ready solutions using PHP, Zend Framework, and Zend Platform, together with Adobe Flex, Adobe Flash Player, and Adobe AIR. Future product integration plans and technical documentation will be made available there. For more information, please visit Zend Developer Zone at and Adobe Developer Connection at

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