September 16, 2008

3LCD Expands Lead to 16 Points in the U.S. Front Projection Market

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 16 /PRNewswire/ -- 3LCD, the world's number one projection display technology, continues to show strong market share growth in the US market. Based on the most recent figures for the second quarter of 2008, 3LCD's market share has eclipsed 58 percent of the U.S. front projection market. This gives 3LCD a 16-point lead over the nearest competing technology, according to Pacific Media Associates (PMA). This is the fifth consecutive year-to-year, same-quarter gain in the U.S. market for 3LCD.

The impressive growth was driven over the last quarter with the launch of nearly 50 new 3LCD projector models from 13 different brands. These new products feature a wide variety of new innovations from quick setup wireless and PC-less projection to long-life lamps and low energy usage. The growing lead comes after 3LCD announced it was the first projection technology to break the 50 million chip shipment barrier -- a major industry milestone.

3LCD Technology Advantages:

-- 3-Chip Optical Engine: All 3LCD projectors use a 3-chip, solid-state optical engine to deliver incredibly bright, true-to-life color.

-- High Color Light Output: 3LCD projectors consistently deliver high Color and White Light Output so images, video and text always looks their very best.

-- No Color Wheel: 3LCD projectors do not rely on a spinning color wheel to produce color and do not suffer from "the rainbow effect" or "color break-up."

-- Road-Tested Reliability: 3LCD technology has been the world leader for 19 straight years and has consistently been the choice of users who demand the long-life performance and reliability.

"The market has spoken again. With almost 50% more projectors sold this quarter than the nearest competitor, 3LCD is, increasingly the choice of discriminating users in the U.S. market. Our projector OEMs continue to use 3LCD to deliver product innovations and leverage the advantages we offer the projection market. They are incredibly excited about future opportunities for the technology and what it allows them to offer their customers," said Rina Bhuva, senior strategic marketing manager, 3LCD.

Leaders in the projection market agree. "3LCD is the clear technology choice for projectors -- that is why our customers ask for it specifically," highlighted Mike Isgrig, vice president, Consumer Marketing at Epson. "The low cost of ownership, unparalleled image quality and reliability 3LCD offers sets our projectors apart from many others in today's market. No other technology compares -- that is why we use it exclusively."

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3LCD is the world's leading projection technology, delivering unbelievably bright and natural color, amazing detail and road-tested reliability. Using an advanced, 3-chip optical engine, 3LCD offers full-time color for brilliant quality images without the possibility of color break-up. 3LCD is based on LCD technology, which is used by leading manufacturers worldwide for the ultimate viewing experience in flat panel TVs and projectors. To find out why more users choose 3LCD than all other projection technologies combined and to get the latest list of leading companies offering 3LCD technology in their products, visit the 3LCD website at

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