September 16, 2008

TV Worldwide and Internap Launch Digital Media and Webcasting Solutions

TV Worldwide, a global TV network, and Internap, a provider of internet business solutions, have launched a suite of digital media, webcasting and content delivery tools for federal, state and city government organizations.

According to Internap, these services include the availability of FedEdTV, an internet TV channel for government agencies unveiled in beta form. Under the agreement between Internap and TV Worldwide, Internap's Content Delivery Network (CDN) will be the exclusive network provider for FedEdTV, and Internap will be a charter sponsor of the programming.

Internap's CDN solution features a 100% service level agreement ensuring quality and uptime. The global network supports all major streaming media formats, including Adobe Flash, Microsoft Windows Media, Silverlight and Http/web downloads. Internap's CDN also includes MediaConsole, a workflow management toolset for streaming media that consists of a media manager, pre-built video skins and a real-time reporting dashboard.

Lastly, Internap's CDN offers a suite of optional services, including transcoding, player development, digital asset management and monetization tools to create a tailored solution for every customer environment.

James DeBlasio, president and CEO of Internap, said: "Government agencies and contractors trust TV Worldwide to deliver compelling and informative video programming and our CDN services deliver that programming with the highest quality and reliability. Working together with TV Worldwide will help us increase our presence in government markets and FedEdTV will be a showcase for our services."