September 18, 2008

Message From the General Manager, Global Consulting Services and SOA

By LeBlanc, Robert

Service-oriented architecture (SOA) has matured to the point that it is becoming part of, and in some cases the foundation of, the application and technology portfolio of many corporations. Equally importantly and rewardingly, SOA is increasingly fulfilling the promise of creating, from the start, a tight linkage between business objectives and their information technology (IT) implementation. Furthermore, services thinking is influencing the transformation of corporations, as anticipated earlier in the IBM Systems Journal. Throughout this decade, the IBM Software Group (SWG) has been making exploratory and core investments resulting in significant contributions to SOA. Five years ago, the IBM Global Business Services (GBS) Division declared SOA as a strategic domain of the services business, increasing the scale of this effort in order to deliver greater value to our customers. The combined SWG/ GBS efforts have led to significant enrichment of the conceptual foundations, methods, and engineering of SOA-based systems.

This special issue of the IBM Systems Journal offers a sampling of recent developments, contributed by expert practitioners and researchers from IBM and elsewhere. Their papers represent their innovative contributions and deep involvement in this IT domain.

We hope that presenting these rich insights will help readers in their endeavors to realize the value of SOA to business and society and stimulate new ideas to advance the evolution of the business and engineering foundations for this important and expanding domain of IT.

Robert LeBlanc

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