September 18, 2008

Layered Tech Executive and Woopra Founder John Pozadzides to Show Bloggers How to Convert Web Stats Into Business Results at BlogWorld

Layered Technologies:

 OVERVIEW:  John Pozadzides, chief marketing officer for Layered Technologies, Inc., and the founder of Woopra, will be featured during "The Stats of High Performance Content & Marketing" panel discussion at BlogWorld Expo. Pozadzides will help bloggers learn how to convert information from Web statistics into business results such as increased revenue and higher Web site traffic. BlogWorld CEO Rick Calvert personally invited Pozadzides to join the panel because of his unique perspective on the business of blogging, given his roles with Woopra and Layered Tech, which provides the infrastructure that powers Woopra.  DETAILS:   John Pozadzides' work has already profoundly affected the world's bloggers. Whether they're using Layered Tech's hosting services - the company is one of the 10 largest blog hosters in the world - or they're benefiting from Woopra's Web analytics culled from 50 million page views a day, Pozadzides knows what it takes for bloggers to succeed.  Bloggers will hear how to convert the information they're getting from Web stats into an actionable plan for achieving results such as increased revenue and Web site traffic. Pozadzides will explain which Web analytics tools yield actionable, instead of static, data and information. For example, it's not good enough for a blogger to know their site is getting a traffic surge, they greatly benefit from knowing - in real time - which keywords were put into search engines that referred users to the blog. Armed with those details, bloggers can make continuous adjustments to content to ensure that they're attracting the high volumes of visitors they want.  Layered Tech is co-exhibiting with customers Woopra and WordPress at BlogWorld Expo Booth # 220.  DATE/TIME: Sunday, Sept. 21, 2008 3 p.m. to 4 p.m.  LOCATION:  Business of Blogging Track, U407, Room 221 Las Vegas Convention Center 3150 Paradise Road Las Vegas, NV  CONTACT:   Tony Katsulos, Jetstream PR for Layered Tech 972-788-9456, ext. 301  [email protected] 

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