September 18, 2008

Imbera Launches Next Generation Embedded Packaging Solution

Imbera Electronics, today announces the launch of its next generation integrated module board (IMB) technology, available across Imbera's full range of turnkey manufacturing services. IMB technology allows OEMs/ODMs to produce smaller boards, quickly and in a cost-effective manner by making simple adaptations to existing manufacturing processes. The advanced packing solution already has considerable momentum, with early customer-wins including a contract with Ibiden, the world's number one PCB manufacturer.

Unlike traditional surface mount technology (SMT), using Imbera's IMB technology, components are embedded inside the core layer of the PCB while being electrically connected directly to the conductors on top of the core layer. Using the technology it is possible to embed all kinds of components including discrete passive components, application specific integrated passive (ASIP) components, bare dies (Silicon, GaAs) and wafer level CSPs. Since the manufacturing process utilizes standard PCB and SMA equipment and processes, adopting the technology does not require any heavy investments or exotic techniques.

Imbera's manufacturing process combines PCB manufacturing, component packaging and component assembly into a single manufacturing sequence. The benefit of this shortened process means less materials and equipment are needed, logistics are simplified and less labour is required. All this leads to a robust technology that provides further product miniaturization with very competitive total cost of ownership.

Jeff Baloun, CEO at Imbera commented: "IMB technology has enormous potential to satisfy the electronics market's requirement for thinner, smaller products with enhanced electrical performance and functionality. The robust technology allows significant reductions to be made to the physical size of products whilst improving the cost of ownership through what is a very easy to adopt and versatile process. Our goal is to establish IMB technology as the industry standard for embedded packaging going forward."

Due to its novel and advanced manufacturing process, IMB technology can be used to embed components inside a module substrate and manufacture a typical multi-chip-module / System-In-Package (SIP) product. Alternatively IMB technology can be used to embed the components inside a motherboard to manufacture a System-In-Board (SIB) product. The technology can be utilized in various applications from simple products with only a few components to demanding products, such as mobile phones and other portable products requiring high packaging density as well as good electrical and thermal performance.

Malcolm Penn, CEO of Future Horizons said: "From our perspective there are many high-volume applications for Imbera's IMB technology, representing a multi billion dollar market. It will be the faster moving markets which adopt this technology first and the quality, yields and reliability the company is achieving should be very attractive to those wanting to shrink next generation products without risk."

As an expert developer of IMB technology Imbera's team is ideally placed to get the best out of the technology's features. Based on the Company's expertise and experience, Imbera is able to provide its customers with a cost-effective, full-scale manufacturing service from short lead-time prototyping right through to volume production ramp up.

Imbera's founder and CTO Risto Tuominen commented: "During 2008 we have been building a strong foundation for our manufacturing operation and will soon be announcing a major production line investment, which will enable us to provide first production volumes in H1 2009. The target is then to ramp-up the technology into higher volumes starting from the last half of 2009."

About Imbera

Imbera Electronics is the developer the novel patented IMB - Integrated Module Board - technology, which enables the integration of both active and passive components inside an organic printed circuit board structure. The key advantages of the IMB technology are further product miniaturization and improved electrical performance as well as competitive total manufacturing cost level. Also, the IMB technology can be combined with existing PCB production processes without extensive development work, which enables fast technology ramp-up and high production quality.